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Friday, August 28, 2015

Eating Humble Pie

Eating humble pie is not enjoyable for most of us. I, however, like eating it. Especially at work, even if there is no cause for it, I go around eating some. I often look at my past, and if I see any mistakes, I am quick to apologise.

I don't do this because I am some sort of welcome mat, who enjoys people walking over them. I do this to keep my ego in check.

I can't stand egotistical people. I also don't understand misguided pride - certainly not when you are in the wrong. Not admitting your mistakes does not make them go away, it compounds them.

So, I go around eating some humble pie now and then, even if I haven't any cause, just so when the time comes to really eat some, I won't be afraid to.

You see to own up to your mistakes is courageous. To learn from them is wise. To ignore the results of your mistakes is cowardice. To learn nothing from them is foolish.

This is where we are in the state of the world. A rise in cowards and fools. Politicians and their policies often fail to learn from past mistakes and eat some humble pie. If they did, we would all be in a better place globally then we are now.

But instead of owning up to our own mistakes, we prefer to try and bury them - or worse still - try and discredit the other person or side in an attempt to make ourselves look like the injured party. Shifting blame in this way is abhorrent. I can't stand egotism, but I abhor cowardice. This tactic of blame-shifting is the coward's way out, the antithesis of eating humble pie.

I would rather eat humble pie every day, whether deserving or not, than be the type of coward that runs from their mistakes, or tries to cover their mistakes by slinging mud at others.

Be Careful What You Say

The result of the actions of cowards and fools has allowed for some whack jobs to go around declaring themselves as an Islamic State.

But there is no "caliphate". People, myself included, should stop referring to it as such, because it's what these boys play-acting as men want.

We shouldn't call it IS, it isn't Islamic. It is not a state. We shouldn't call it ISIS, either. If we continue to call it by these labels, we run the risk of having it stick.

In Islamic countries they try to avoid calling these sexually frustrated men as IS, they call them Mesc or Daesh. I prefer the "so-called IS", or PENIS, because that's where they're acting from.

Make no mistake, it's hormonal dick issues. A wannabe creation of a few acne riddled teenagers who didn't masturbate enough growing up, I would assume, so they are taking out their frustrations in psychopathic ways on women and children.

It stops being a laughing matter when these boys, off on a mega-sulk, get hold of weapons and start hurting innocent people, however. It's like every whacko in America who ever picked up a gun to take out their mental issues on others has suddenly got a nation they can call home.

I hold no hate for these people, only pity, and I ridicule them because they are ridiculous. If they weren't the cause of so much innocent blood shed, we would be parodying them in comedic dramas. And, often, to blame their actions on their mental states is to do a grave disservice to those good people who really suffer from psychological issues, but are heroes of the everyday - in the way they struggle to achieve normalcy in their lives.

I ridicule these so-called IS, because to treat them seriously is akin to calling them IS. It is what they want - to be taken seriously. You don't give in to sulking children. And to me, they are more cowards and fools than the lot who helped created an environment for them to prosper in the first place.

Can a Pacifist be a Pugilist?

Another subject I find hard to take seriously is Turkish politics, which is why I read with delight that Turkey has taken the Irishman who beat up an entire Istanbul neighbourhood to heart.

When an Irish tourist punchingti origin was caught up in a mass brawl with local shopkeepers in Istanbul, he become an unexpected hero among Turkish social media users. I think the reason people in Turkey were so happy to see Istanbul shopkeepers bring knocked out single-handedly was because, for many, shopkeepers have become role models for cowardice and foolishness.

Istanbul's shopkeepers have become something of a symbol for the division in the country between a progressive left and the conservative government under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Shopkeepers attacked demonstrators during the 2013 anti-government protest in Gezi Park, and four suspects accused over the fatal beating of a protester were all local shopkeepers working at a bakery at the time.

As pacifist as I am, sometimes I think it only extends to not taking life, because as I watched the video footage of an Irish citizen punching those idiots to the ground, I have to confess I wish I had been there to knock a few out myself.

Whether it be the so-called IS, or Erdoğan's shopkeepers, I always enjoy watching egos hit the ground, to eat some dusty humble pie.

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