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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love's Measure

1- Love don't come
       too surely
to enter this body,

and don't come
       too willfully
to filter the essence of me,

come fearfully,
come in doubt, come slowly

tiptoe around me
before you grab me
from behind with a shout,

or better still,
whisper to me
what you're all about--

how the day will come
I'll hold on tight
as you

       come completely
with all your might,

       and how you'll take me
like light takes night,

       blind me to be
the only thing I see
when you rob me of sight.

2- Love don't come
       too forcefully
to enter this mind,

and don't come
       too slyly
to trick me in kind,

       come as life comes right:
to impress on these hands
the marks of your bite,

come painfully,
come tenderly, come to my door
with no gift but your sight;

then first sit down with me,
and tell me gradually
how your will

       shall fill me--
in every part you find empty
to the measure of your height,

       and how you'll infect the very
sound of me to beg:

       love come surely, willfully, forcefully,
before I die without you tonight

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