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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Singular Mutism

My darling, let's not get into gender.
       Let's just say I'm a member
of men with singular mutism;
sometimes there are just things
we are unable to talk about--
even to our best friends.

       You know: these things
we call feelings we maroon
far from the safe harbour
of our most precious dreams,
too frightened to surrender
what cannot be won by war--
the treasure at a heart's core.

       But even when I fail to speak,
my silence is filled with you
and all the things part of you:
I'm muted in awe; I'm weak
to what makes me strong,
and my silence isn't dumb--
even if you can't hear it,

listen out for it when love fails
to calm a nervous tongue,
hear the mind ring when
I text my feelings to you
by the light of half past
midnight, as I sit alone
on my roof staring hard
at stars alight-- in my heart

even when I cannot say it,
know I am always yours;
just don't blame my gender.
       Say I'm a member of men
with singular mutism, and our
love is the art of ventriloquism.

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