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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ex Caelis Oblatus

If I had only one breath to take,
I would not hesitate to give
it to taste you,

for only when I am in you
can I find myself
and let myself go;

there is no sense or state
my mind can devise until a single
touch of your hand is in mine,

and no church or temple
I will recognise except the place
where your love first touched mine;

and there is no god or faith
I will eulogise except the one
that foremost shows your mercy,

for I cannot find any wound in me
cut so deeply by hate that a word
from you will not blunt its sword;

I am buried in your world,
where faith and mercy grows
and forgiveness is eternally alive,

it is you who has the power
over what nature's art divides,
to join what must one day part us;

and come the day of my death
I will worship something stronger
to soften the sting of its time,

for I have seen paradise in your eyes,
I have lived dying for you,
and I will die living for you.

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