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Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Cuppa" Chart Watch Kral Update

By Steffan Matrak posted from Moscow, Russia

As Tarkan's "Cuppa" fails to hit the top slot in official listings for another week running, music station Kral's own update to its weekly compilation chart numbers shows a slow slide downward for the track this week.

Kral's published numbers echo figures provided by official monitors MusicTopTR and TelifMetre, which is surprising as its figures showed an upward trend last week. Kral Pop radio is the official sponsor for Tarkan's Harbiye shows in September.

According to Kral, "Cuppa" has slipped down two places on the digital sales chart to number 5 and down to 5th position in Kral's overall chart listings for sales and airplay. Tarkan had entered its national radio airplay chart at number 6 last week, dropping down a place this week.

UPDATE: Tarkan's downward slide continues >>

The only rise for Tarkan in Kral's charts sees "Cuppa" up from 7th place in local radio airplay to number 2, when it was TelifMetre's figures that published it at the top of local lists last week - the first top position for the track on an official chart, and the only so far.

Translation notes: What does "Cuppa" mean?

Chart Listings for "Cuppa" (August 2016)

Official Turkish Airplay Chart | Position --
TelifMetre Airplay Chart | Position 2
Kral Pop Liste | Position 5 (Airplay and sales)

National Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 7
Local Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 2
Kral Pop Radyo Top 20 | Position 10
Powerturk Pop 40 | Position 12

Digital Sales Top 10 | Position 5
Turk Telekom Muzik (Stream) | Position 5
Turk Telekom Muzik (Download) | Position 8
Turk Telekom Muzik Top 100 | Position 3
fizy Top 100 | Position 4
iTunes Singles Top 100 | Position 16
Spotify Turkish Top 30 | Position --
YouTube Trending in Turkey Top 10 | Position --

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