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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Twenty Things: Did You Know...?

Queen turns 91 and Palace shares monarch's christening photo
British monarch Queen Elizabeth II turns 91/BBC.

News nuggets selected, sorted and sourced from the press.

  1. Dictionary editors say the most complicated word in English is only three letters long: The word "run" has 645 meanings for the verb form alone.
  2. Buckingham Palace has shared a photo of their Queen as a baby to mark her 91st birthday, amid online tributes and military salutes mark the occasion.
  3. Gone are the days of balloons and a Victoria sponge. If your baby is having a birthday, there's only one way to celebrate: with a cake smash.
  4. Online shoppers in the UK spend more per household than consumers in any other country, a report says, amid a shift from stores to the internet. Meanwhile UK retail sales posted their biggest quarterly fall in seven years in March, as the prices of everyday goods continued to climb.
  5. Police in Germany have charged a market trader suspected of being behind an attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus. Rather than having links to radical Islamism, he was hoping to make money if the price of shares in the team fell, prosecutors say.
  6. In his first few months as US president, Donald Trump has made many changes including one where more people with mental illness can buy a gun without a background check.
  7. President Trump has sent "condolences to the people of France" after a shooting in central Paris. Trump said that the terror "just never ends".
  8. Of the 3,200 gay French men the dating app Hornet spoke to, one in five said they would be giving the extreme far right their vote.
  9. Russia's Supreme Court has accepted the government's request to designate Jehovah's Witnesses as an outlawed religious group, deeming it to be an extremist organisation.
  10. According to data from AFP news agency, 238 people have been killed in jihadist attacks since 2015.
  11. Three purpose-built blocks are to open within high-security jails in the UK to hold the most dangerous extremist prisoners away from other inmates.
  12. Arkansas has executed Ledell Lee in the US state's first use of the death penalty in 12 years. It came after the US Supreme Court rejected a challenge arguing Arkansas was unfairly rushing several executions before its supply of a lethal injection drug expires at the end of April.
  13. A string of brutal murders in the US has thrown a national spotlight on MS-13, a street gang that was born in LA but has roots in El Salvador.
  14. A 50 year-old Tennessee teacher accused of abducting his 15 year-old student has been captured after a month long manhunt.
  15. Thai police have arrested a man attempting to smuggle six vials of human semen into Laos.
  16. A South Korean man has died from poisoning after eating toads he had mistaken for edible bullfrogs.
  17. Scientists hope they have found a drug to stop all neurodegenerative brain diseases, including dementia, while the Daily Express reports that diet drinks could increase the risk of a stroke or dementia.
  18. A US start-up that sells an expensive wi-fi connected juicing machine has offered refunds after the gadget was mocked on social media for selling pre-cut food pouches that could just as easily be squeezed by hand.
  19. The BBC published a video arguing the case for circular runways at airports, as part of a series called World Hacks.
  20. A teenage F4 racing driver's high-speed crash, which cost him his legs, has prompted global support from the motorsport community.

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