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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Apollonia's Son

An old fishing village in Bursa:
a cobalt blue route for birds
fleeing the winter, where legends
hibernate in an island cluster,

here: between the fertile breasts
of Apollonia did Hasan suckle
upon the teat of ancient waters
to grow golden and strong:

the bronzen son of Apollonia,
born and fed on the fire
that scorches winter's desire
to numb the rise of sun,

the first of Ottoman to conquer
the walls of Constantinople
under seige of stone and song,
to defend dying for the One

here: his bravery for all to see
he stood tall and strong,
he kept his flag flying free
until the war was done,

and of the myth the city fell
for sake of an open door,
really old Byzantium was won
for the open heart of Hasan.

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