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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Twenty Things: Did You Know...?

Trump renews feud with London mayor over terror attack
Trump attacks London Mayor over terror/BBC.

News nuggets picked from the press.

  1. A man has been shot by police outside the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris after he tried to attack an officer using a hammer, in what is described as a terrorist incident. France is in a state of emergency since attacks in Paris left 130 people dead in 2015.
  2. For the past two weeks the Philippines army has been fighting Islamist militants in the southern city of Marawi. So far, the conflict has killed at least 170 people, including 20 civilians, and more than 180,000 residents have fled.
  3. US President Donald Trump, the pot-stirrer-in-chief, has lashed out twice at London Mayor Sadiq Khan over his assurances to Londoners following Saturday's terror attack. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has rejected calls to cancel Trump's state visit to the UK after the US president's Twitter attack on London's mayor.
  4. Police have identified the three attackers who killed seven people and injured 48 in London, while extra police resources are needed in the wake of recent terror attacks, London's mayor and Met chief have said. Elsewhere, Theresa May has said she will change human rights laws if they "get in the way" of tackling terror suspects.
  5. A Madrid man is missing in London after he used his skateboard against one of the attackers, who was stabbing a woman, Spanish media report, while the Muslim community must "root out the scourge of terrorism which... masquerades as Islam" a Met Police commander has said.
  6. Fake stories, images and misinformation have been circulating on Twitter in the days following the attack on London Bridge, while model and TV presenter Vogue Williams is facing backlash online after calling for internment camps for Muslims in her column for a Sunday newspaper.
  7. A man has been charged after a video appeared on social media featuring threats to kill Muslims and bomb mosques, police in Liverpool have said, while an 18-year-old has been charged with the murder of 30 year-old Syrian, Hazem Ahmed Ghreir.
  8. California police officers speak less respectfully to members of the public who are black than to those who are white, researchers studying body camera footage say, while many psychologists claim few people openly admit to holding racist beliefs but most of us are nonetheless unintentionally racist. We hold, what are called "implicit biases".
  9. The National Front member who fell in love with Calais Jungle migrant has said hers is a "beautiful love story".
  10. The sovereign state of Qatar is currently at the centre of a storm, with its neighbours cutting off diplomatic relations. Trump has claimed credit for the pressure being placed on Qatar by Gulf neighbours who accuse it of supporting terrorism in the region.
  11. Germany says it plans to move its aircraft and military personnel out of Turkey's Incirlik airbase, as Turkey refuses to allow visits by German MPs.
  12. Scientists have found a hellish world where the "surface" of the planet is over 4,000C - almost as hot as our Sun.
  13. "Obscene" memes posted on a private Facebook page have cost 10 students their place at Harvard, reports the college's newspaper. The students posted messages joking about child abuse, sexual assault, paedophilia and the Holocaust.
  14. A 20-year-old US woman, whose boyfriend took his own life nearly three years ago, has gone on trial for allegedly urging him to kill himself.
  15. A terminal cancer patient who has been told he has just months to live has conquered Mount Everest.
  16. George and Amal Clooney have welcomed their twins - a girl and a boy called Ella and Alexander.
  17. A new head teacher is being sought for a single pupil school on a Scottish island described as being on the edge of the world, while a note posted in a Canada village school telling girls to "value the male education and dress conservatively" has sparked a sexism row.
  18. Taxi firm app Uber has been under fire over its treatment of women staff since a former employee wrote a scathing blog post about her experience.
  19. A dustbin man in Bogota in Colombia, who never studied further than primary school, has gathered a library of more than 20,000 thrown away books. He now offers his books to other people as a free community library.
  20. Amazon is to offer discounts on its Prime subscription service to Americans receiving financial aid from the US government.

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