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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Tarkan in Wildlife Support

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish pop's king and custodian has reposted a share on social media by Turkish nature conservation society Doğa Derneği for the protection of Turkey's flamingos today.

The reposted share of a video clip from Fox News covers the current plight of the natural reserve of the Gediz Delta, one of the most important sites for the breeding of flamingos, in danger from destruction by government-led development.

Under a social media campaign, tagged #flamingomadokunma, meaning “don’t touch my flamingo”, a number of conservation groups and academics are planning a meeting for 14 January at the Delta, to raise awareness of the potential loss to bird life if the planned building projects go ahead.

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Turkish pop's caring Megastar has put his mega-support behind the meet by reposting the details in a call for people to join the protest. And in response to the supportive comments, the king of pop thanked his followers and wrote:

Let's at least defend what little of nature remains in our concrete ridden country. What kind of destruction is this? What type of greed for profit? What sort of unscrupulousness? If nature ceases to exist so do we. When will we realise this truth? When will we wake up?"

The Gediz Delta near Izmir is one of the wetlands threatened due to intense construction activities in its surrounding area after attempts to downgrade its special status, despite being a natural protected area.

In western Turkey, it is one of the prime wetlands for the greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) in the world, under major threat due to the Turkish government's major urbanisation drive.

Along with the Gediz Delta, another flamingo haven, Lake Tuz in central Anatolia, has also witnessed huge environmental damage - due to overexploitation of the area by salt companies.

In 2014, experts said the number of new flamingos born at the lake had dropped alarmingly and that the lake would soon become a cemetery for its once-iconic animals.

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