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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tarkan Snippets: Unique and Beautiful

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey

Amongst the current news stories featuring Tarkan, one heart-warming story that stands out is shared by reputable news wire Anadolu Agency. The real life story reveals what Tarkan fans across the globe know: the magical healing quality of one of Turkish music's greatest icons.

The AA news piece is about a boy with autism and the female relative who provided a warm home for him. When Fatma Mutlu realised her little cousin Vahit would not speak to anyone or say a word, she took him on out day trips to try and get him to respond to his surroundings. But he remained unresponsive.

"One day I noticed that he listened to Tarkan really closely. I bought him Tarkan's album. Four-five years passed. One day when I got home from work and I called out, "Vahit I'm home," he replied back (with a Tarkan song), "Mummy Fatma, the mansions of my heart are yours," before going silent. It was then I truly believed that Vahit could speak," she said.

Elsewhere, the pop king's successful partnership with current sponsor, streaming site fizy looks set to continue, as the digital streaming platform runs Tarkan competitions from its social accounts alongside exclusive remix releases and special playlists.

For example, would you like to know what's on Tarkan's personal playlist? You can; fizy has shared the megastar's top 30 tracks for its subscribers to listen to this month. The artist's selection provides a unique insight into his music tastes, revealing an interest in popular global music trends, from Ed Sheeran to Clean Bandit.

A Tarkan Touched Life

In other brief news stories about the iconic singer, DJ duo Taner Yurdunkulu and Orkun Tunç - who have reportedly come up with commercial remixes, soundtracks, and new sounds for many artists such as Tarkan - are playing a set in February for Istanbul's party series Thug Life under their record production team of Armageddon Turk.

Meanwhile, a female columnist quotes an old Tarkan song "Gülümse Kaderine" (Dudu, 2003) as she reminisces on how girls used to burn photographs of their past relationships before social media - where now we just delete them from our Instagram.

The same columnist, with five other celeb journos at Habertürk, has commented on the top celeb news stories of the past week - one being a recently resurfaced old photograph of Tarkan and an ex-backing singer.

All six Habertürk correspondents are in agreement that the twenty years in between has been much more favourable to Tarkan than his younger counterpart. The celeb review states that megastardom is in the genes, and Tarkan has this by the bucketfull.

On the same subject, paper Hürriyet's entertainment team thought both men had aged well, with one correspondent wondering why the photograph was taken at all, as Tarkan looked uncomfortable in the picture.

Staying in the past, an article claims that the head of the Fire of Anatolia dance group got his big break as a dancer in an early Tarkan video, while moving into the present day, a family therapist and writer has gone on record to say that Tarkan's wife is a perfect match for the pop icon.

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And finally, Spanish language online magazine Nueva Mujer has posted an article about Turkish pop's handsome hombre.

The female online supplement asks its readers if they remember a particular song that marked the childhood and adolesence of many a young person - which nobody understood except for the kisses ("Şımarık", 1997).

Nueva Mujer tells its readership they "will fall in love" with one of the most successful and admired singers in Turkey and Germany, who continues to conquer with his sexy appearance.

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