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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Ten Things of War and Woe

Arms fair footage sparks concern in Turkey/Selin Girit
  1. A new law in Turkey has sparked concern that pro-government vigilantes could commit acts of political violence without ever facing justice. There are fears that it is also encouraging civilians to join militia groups to defend the country's leaders.
  2. More than 300 people have been detained in Turkey after condemning the country's military assault in Syria on social media. Detainees charged with spreading "terrorist propaganda" include politicians, journalists and activists.
  3. A British man who travelled to Syria and fought with the Kurdish forces is to be charged with a terror offence. It is believed to be the first charge of its kind in the UK.
  4. Turkey's "Olive Branch" operation was launched on 20 January to drive Kurdish militias out of Afrin. Turkey has now lost 14 soldiers in fierce clashes during an offensive it says was begun to repatriate Syrian refugees and remove American-armed terrorist groups from its borders.
  5. The relationship between Turkey and the United States is in deep crisis. From Syria to human rights, foreign policy to the 2016 attempted Turkish coup, the disputes between the two seem endless, and may bring them to the brink of war.
  6. Diplomatic relations plunge to new lows between Turkey and the Netherlands, as the Dutch ambassador is formally withdrawn and no new Turkish ambassador will be accepted in The Hague.
  7. US President Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to organise a large military parade in the nation's capital. Military displays in Washington DC are usually only used to mark victory at the end of a war.
  8. John Wojnowski was abused by a priest during a Latin lesson 60 years ago. He has spent the past two decades protesting outside the Vatican Embassy in Washington DC.
  9. A row has broken out over the London screening of a Christian film that advocates therapy to "cure" people from being gay. "Gay conversion therapy" has been declared unethical, unscientific and harmful by the World Psychiatric Association.
  10. Asparagus might help the spread of cancer.

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