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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Show Snippets: A Megastar's Mojo

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey

Daytime TV dossier on Tarkan's Europe Tour

Daytime show "Duymayan Kalmasın" prepared a "dossier" on Tarkan's month of touring Germany with a collection of fan shares and shares by the artist himself on social media.

The show also ran footage from music TV station Kral Pop, whose cameras followed Tarkan backstage in Germany.

And amongst the snippets that made the headlines last week from Tarkan's current European Tour, there is a sweet selfie and some soul advice.

The Mega-heart in Munich

News reports write that when Tarkan mania marched through Munich on 14 April, for his Live in Europe Tour with fizy, the music artist made a fan's wish come true by meeting her and her family that evening.

Turkish pop's megastar showed his mega-heart when he took time out to take a selfie with his little fan on the Saturday of the concert, which the family shared on social media.

The hosts of popular daytime celeb gossip show "Duymayan Kalmasın" covered the story last week, while also quashing rumours that Tarkan was going to "make his wife's dream come true" by building a school in south-eastern Turkey, in Urfa - a multiethnic city with a Turkish, Kurdish, and Arab population.

The hosts also noted that it had been several years since Tarkan last toured in Germany. His wife had been a fan in the crowd at the last tour, while in the intervening years they have now become a couple waiting for their first child.

News wires picked up on this. A mobile video taken at a fan meeting 10 years ago has been distributed by celeb sites showing Tarkan and his wife taking a photo together. In the footage, the singer does not making any eye contact with his future bride-to-be, in a shy signal to the start of a budding romance.

In other news, the daytime show aired a photo shared by Tarkan's wife in Germany showing her "baby Tevetoğlu" bump, while news wires claim Tarkan has hired a dietician for his wife during her pregnancy - as he told German audiences that both of them "were putting on weight".

"You're at a Tarkan show. Be yourself."

The daytime hosts noted that Tarkan had begun interacting a lot more with his audience in later years, which made him even more lovable. They ran concert footage from his current tour, where Tarkan is seen telling the boys in the crowd to be like the girls and "let loose".

"You are at a Tarkan concert. Let yourself go. Don't be anyone else. Just be yourself," he told the male audience, as his female fans applauded and screamed their approval.

Finally, in an article written by a Turkish columnist at Tarkan's Berlin show, the observation is made that you can't break German-Turkish youth from either culture of descent or birth.

Ahmet Külahçı's article for the Hürriyet notes that while Tarkan's concerts illustrate undying love for the "old country" by young German-Turks, they hold an unwavering allegiance to the country of their birth, too.

However, getting ethnic Germans to believe that German-Turks can be both is an uphill struggle, the columnist says, with a disturbing high percentage of young German citizens of Turkish descent believing that Germans will never accept them no matter what they do, because of who they are.

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