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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Ten Things of Farce and Fracas

Who bit Beyonce?/Getty
  1. Beyonce fans are turning into amateur detectives after learning that she was apparently bitten on the face at a party.
  2. Musicians could be required to wear earplugs "at all times" following a landmark ruling on hearing loss.
  3. Ernestine Shepherd woman can bench press 115lb. She is an 81-year-old bodybuilder.
  4. In the 18th Century a woman called Mary Toft convinced doctors she had given birth to rabbits. She was eventually forced to admit she had manually inserted the dead rabbits and then allowed them to be removed as if she were giving birth.
  5. Rapper DMX played one of his owns songs to a judge in court, managing to avoid the maximum sentence for tax fraud in the process.
  6. Several big brands have been labelled "racist" recently after releasing adverts which have backfired. H&M apologised in January for showing a black child modelling a hoodie which had "coolest monkey in the jungle" on the front, following a huge backlash.
  7. Rioting and a fire at a police station in the the Venezuelan city of Valencia, in Carabobo State, have left 68 people dead, government officials say.
  8. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has so far issued four formal apologies for historic injustice since his government's election in 2015, beating all his predecessors.
  9. Donald Trump's attempt to dismiss a lawsuit alleging ownership of his business empire while president is a violation of the US constitution has been rejected by a federal judge.
  10. Former Australia captain Steve Smith broke down in tears as he apologised for his part in the ball-tampering scandal.

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