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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Love Is Everywhere

After the TV commercials Tarkan filmed for his old sponsor petroleum giant OPET - where he teaches an OPET customer to sing the chorus of his "Dudu" song, takes his chauffeur for a spectacular spin and meets a helpful grizzly bear - the Turkish singer was reportedly disappointed with all the scripts that came his way for the new TV commercial to be filmed with his new sponsor in 2005, Turkish GSM operator AVEA.

So, he decided to pen this one himself, along with the lyrics for the accompanying song "Ayrılık Zor" (Separation is Hard).

Tarkan and Avea

With a new site opened at, and under the banner "Tarkan and Love", the concept is simple. Love wants to make itself be heard and now is the time to communicate with a loved one. For when you are in love, so the concept goes, you see Love everywhere.

With the direction of Paul Archard and filmed at Hollywood studios in Los Angeles, the plot of the story for the TV ad is even more simple. Possibly using real life as inspiration the commercial begins with Tarkan sitting at a café in New York, waiting for his loved one to call. He spies a cute dalmatian dog with a heart shaped spot over one eye and pets the dog. He leaves his table and distracted by the cute animal forgets his phone.

As he walks about, everywhere he looks he sees heart shapes, a skipping rope in the shape of a heart, a little girl with a heart shaped lollipop, a fallen heart shaped is everywhere.

Tarkan's voice begins to sing in the background:

Arada aşkın hatırı olsa/Durmazdım inan buralarda*

If it would destroy love/Believe me I wouldn't stay here

Suddenly he remembers he has forgotten his phone at the table. As he rushes back, the phone begins to ring. Breathless he reaches the table, where he finds the same dog holding the phone in its mouth, waiting for him to return. Tarkan answers his phone, delighted to find out it is his love calling.

Against this backdrop Tarkan's latest musical offering continues to play, while he explains the suffering in separation.

Aşk dokunmak ister/Sevilmek okşanmak ister/Aşk sevdiğini yanında ister/Kimi zaman dile gelir aşk/Dudaktan kalbe akmak ister/Yar ara beni arada bir/Sesini duyur/Yoksa bu ayrılıklar hepten çekilmez olur

Love needs caressing/It needs loving and touching/Love needs its loved one by its side/When love calls/It wants to flow from the lips to the heart/Lover call me once in a while/Let me hear your voice/Otherwise these separations would be completely unbearable

Tarkan is quoted to have said in various interviews for the new ads that his fans will be seeing him at his most "simple".

Sometimes simple is best.


* It is interesting to note that these song words are only used in the first commercial. On succeeding commercials and the actual promotional song itself the song words are changed to "olmasa" - changing the eventual meaning of the line. For a full translation of the song "Ayrılık Zor" (Separation is Hard), click here. [Added June 2005]

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