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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nature's Pulse

Childhood pictures
framed in secrets and laughter
hang in houses and rooms of the mind
filled with her perfume:
how we'd skip school
run through corn fields,
until nightlight scratched
at the rain pregnant sky,
we'd lie on the fertile earth,
staring up, breathing heavily
watching the stars wink in and out,
me and the sweetest girl
in town.

Changing horizons,
I'd turn away from the stars
to look into her light blue,
and always the same game, suddenly,
hesitantly we'd join
for a symphony,
each note sounding a storm
in our breathing,
a reaching of arms,
echoes, eddies, and hot whispers,
we'd make the darkest music
me and the sweetest girl
in town.

Sun eclipsed,
my dark skin enveloping
her English rose hue,
she'd open all her petals to me,
the sniff of corn and dry leaves,
getting lost so easily,
in the rush of sudden rain,
wet hands playing with nightshine,
making holes in the damp soil,
praying for patience to an urgence
to merge, to hide in her and become one,
me and the sweetest girl
in town.

Sweating rain,
beating on our beating pores,
she'd take my colour deep into her skin,
the stalks giving small shade,
as their supple boughs wagged
witness to open hearts,
my mind can't forget
how we'd move miles
without moving a space,
we became wind, earth and rain
adding our own rhythm to nature's pulse,
me and the sweetest girl
in town.

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