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Monday, May 17, 2004

Excuse me, would you mind...

As the webmaster of Tarkan DeLuxe I get a lot of mails from fans, surfers, the inquistive, the lonely, the suffering and the insane. Most are proposals of marriage, questions about Tarkan's personals or whether I am really Tarkan in disguise (so sorry to disappoint on that one).

But I guess you have to say you've truly made it when other webowners e-mail you and ask you to fill in forms. I've been getting a lot of those these past 2 months. Such shameless plugging, but at least they like to massage the ego of the recipient webperson as they're doing it. I've decided to publish a recent one here.

Why, do I hear you ask?

Well, because I think finally it helps to answer Honey B's question and because I want to (so there). I've changed the names of faces and places to protect the innocent.


My name is Butch Cassidy and I run the Sundance Site which is also listed on E-Celebrity Pages.

I am interested in possibly starting a reciprocal Link Situation with other featured at E-Celeb and would like to begin doing so with some features of other sites on mine. I was wondering if you would be interested in being listed along with your voting button and hopefully be willing to do the same for my site.

I would like to feature some members with an interview about your interest, URL and perhaps a small feature on you with a photo if possible.

Why did you start the website you are featuring?

Tarkan is a Turkish popstar. I have been listening to Tarkan for 13 years, but my interest in making a website dedicated to him started due to the fact that there was a need from non-Turkish speaking fans for Tarkan's song lyrics to be translated into English, so they could understand what he was singing. In time I became a bigger fan of the fans themselves, as most are wonderful, warm and passionate, like Tarkan's music itself.

How your interest is kept while running your site?

My interest is kept by the interest of the fans and by wanting to make my site better all the time. Attaching the website to a growing net community is one way to keep the interest alive.

How do you gain information about your subject?

From Turkish and foreign news portals, TV and newspaper media sites, from word of mouth from fans and forums and from surfing the net frequently!

How long have you been running a Fan Site?

I have helped in the making of various fansites with my translations of his songs since 1999, some of which also appeared on the cover of Tarkan's US release album self-titled "Tarkan". However, I have been running my own site since Summer 2003.

Any tricks you would like to share with a newbie?

Well, I am a newbie myself and most of what I do comes out of a trial and error process, but here are three things that might help.

1. My main advice for the owner of a fansite is to make friends! Attach yourself to a community, or at least try and make friends with webmasters that have similar websites and interests as you. And be patient! Interest for your site won't come overnight.

2. Make sure your site doesn't lose its primary goal, whether it is just to show appreciation or to provide something about your idol, which is not available on the net.

3. Simple design with easy navigation! (I haven't mastered this yet either, but there's always hope!)

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my site.

Great site. It shows the passion you have for your idol in the design. The black background is easy on the eyes when reading content and the CONTENT (most important part of a fansite) of your site is very good, too.

One criticism would be the lack of a navigation bar. This would make the site look more organised and full of content.

I notice you are doing well in the voting. How long have you had your listing?

As long as I have had the site. At first, votes were infrequent, but it has started to snowball now, and I am pleasantly surprised and very grateful. I do not know why my site has garnered such support from Tarkan fans, and I can only put it down to their great nature. Tarkan fans are the best in the world.

Any tricks?

I can juggle...okay okay, hmmm - as I say the main thing with a fansite is to create a little fanbase, a community of surfers and other webmasters. This can be done by webrings and forums and joing groups of similar interest on the net. Even though search engines are important, I think that you need to find your visitors, too. And making contact with fans and helping them to enjoy their idol on the Internet is a great feeling!

Suggested Reading: (Re-live your A-level days) "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley

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