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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kara Gözler [Dark Eyes]

Hilary from New Orleans has emailed me about a "new" Turkish Tarkan song that she has found on the Internet called Kara Gözler (Dark Eyes).

She wants to know if it is a new song that is to appear on a Turkish album rumoured to be released in September this year.

It is very interesting to me that this song has come out now.

Late last year I had also been asked whether I had heard of this song before.

I had.

If it is the same song, the history behind it is this:

Aya IriniIn 1996 Tarkan gave a concert at Aya Irini, which was aired on Turkish TV channel ATV. He first sung this song there as a contender for his 1997 album Ölürüm Sana. The song did not make the release.

So if the sound file you have sounds a bit strange, that is because it is a rip of a live recording from a 1996 outdoor event.

There are also rumours that he sang this song again in an unplugged concert under the sponsorship of Pepsi on Kanal D in 2001, but this is unverified.

The style of the song and his voice is definitely pre-Karma and it is possible Tarkan may have once again considered to release the song in an album entitled Benim Favorim (My Favourite). However, this album was scrapped entirely and he returned to the Turkish music market with Karma.

Of course, there is also a rumour that Tarkan is to put an old song he never released previously into a new Turkish album. Speculations hinted at an early August 2005 release date, but rumours now suggest its has been put on hold until September this year.

It is strange that this song, previously non-existent on the Net, has been found now.

I do not know if Tarkan will add this song to a new album, but there are many songs that I would personally like Tarkan to release, amongst others:

  • The music video to the song Şeytan Azapta (Devil's In Hell) is an unreleased remixed version of the album edit,
  • Sung at a New Year concert in 1996, the song Yeni Yıl (New Year) has never been officially released,
  • Similar to Kara Gözler, a song called "Bu Kış" (This Winter) which he sang on a 1995 TV programme for an album he was "to release in 1996", and
  • Aysel Gürel's Yasaksız Seviş (Love Without Limits), which never made it to the Karma album.

I have translated the lyrics for Kara Gözler into English and posted them at Tarkan Translations.

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