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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Love Speak Update

Two more songs have been leaked in the same way since my last post on the subject of the English song "Shhh (I Wanna Hear Love Speak)". The names of the songs change, but are disputed to be "If You (Let Me See You Bounce)" and "Action/Shout".

The news around the gossip mill is that the three songs are not from Tarkan's new English album, but from his new English single, entitled "Locomotive", which will supposedly be released in this month of August.

It is said there are also plans for a new Turkish album in September this year entitled "Kudurmuyorum" (Not Going Crazy) and the Turkish single "Deniz" (Sea), with Tarkan returning back to the song writing partnership with his old Queen of Turkish Pop, Sezen Aksu.

How true is any of this? Your guess is as good as mine.

I have also received some interesting emails after my Love Speak publication.

One email was from the DJ I had mentioned in that post. He wants me to clarify a few things.

  • He only leaked the song "Shhh (I Wanna Hear Love Speak)" to the Net after the person who had given him the copy of the song published it on the open DC Hub website.
  • He claims this song was stolen from the recording studios in America from Tarkan's own producers and that if Tarkan is to blame anyone, he should look for someone in his own crew. He also claims that the song has been playing in the Turkish club Reina in Istanbul all week, and that it also received airtime on Turkish TV.
  • He has now taken it off the site he previously published it on.

It is now rumoured that Tarkan flew to America last week to sort the matter out and asked Reina to stop playing the track. The Turkish media, usually so agressive concerning any news about the pop star, is acting unusually timid. It has reported the matter, but only to mention the leak and that Tarkan is considering legal action.

It has also been reported that Tarkan allegedly said of the leak, "It is distressing, but the reaction of the fans towards the songs has been flattering."

However, back in Turkey this week and holidaying in Bodrum with his long time love Bilge as a guest on Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegün's private yacht, Tarkan refused to comment when asked by TV reporters about the English song.

For my own input, I find it highly suspect that Tarkan's own producers would leak the artist's songs on the Internet. Not only would that go against the grain of any executive, but it would be like shooting yourself in the foot. Producers want people to pay for a product. Testing the saleability of a product would be done under much more stricter circumstances, not to release it over the Net.

Secondly, Tarkan's alleged statement in the media is out of character, too. I don't think the pop star finds it complimentary that people are downloading his songs without the work being released yet. My opinion is the Turkish media simply fabricated this quote, because they can't believe that these songs were leaked without Tarkan's permission. They secretly think that this is a promotional ploy by Tarkan himself, and such a "quote" from the star would obviously enhance this belief. Arguably, this is the main fact that they are acting so timid about the news. They don't want to help Tarkan in what they believe is simply a promotion ploy.

Note that this quote did not appear in any reputable newspaper, and is only in the tabloid press. Plus, when Tarkan was questioned by TV reporters in Bodrum, he made no comment at all.

But this is just my opinion.

Finally, I've also been kindly requested in another email to say no more about this matter, but have been filled in on some details by other people.

I can't confirm whether these are Tarkan's songs or if he knows what is going on.

But as for my dear readers, I ask that you do not email me on this matter or about any other English language songs popping up on the Net, or any forthcoming album you may hear rumours about, including a new Turkish one.

We will discover together, and if I am given information from verified sources, I will be the first to share it with you.

For the time being all I can say is be patient and everything will become clear soon. I do advise you keep watching official sources and Tarkan's official site.

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