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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tarkan News In Brief

Highest Seller in 2005 (14 Dec 2005)
MÜ-YAP (Turkish Phonographic Industry Society) has conducted a study of the amount of bandrolls* given by the Ministry of Culture to music companies for the first 10 months of 2005. [1]
Tarkan on set of filming commercialAccording to MÜ-YAP officials the bandroll count gives a clear indication as to album sales. Indications show that Tarkan is in first place with 460 thousand bandrolls printed for his "Ayrılık Zor*" (Separation Is Hard) single. Sezen Aksu is in close second lead with 412 thousand bandrolls counted for her "Bahane" (Excuse) album. Released this year, "Kardelen" (Snowdrop) another Aksu project is in 5th place with 250 thousand bandrolls, proceeds of which go to the education of young girls in Southeastern Turkey. Other well-known singers in the list include Sibel Can and Sertab Erener.

*In accordance with Turkish copyright law bandrolls have been applied to films, videos, cassettes and records since the late 1980s and computer programs since 1995. This certification procedure involves submitting all works to the Ministry of Culture along with authorising contracts signed by the creators of the works, in order to obtain a hologram sticker for each work. These stickers must be affixed to all copies of the works before they can be put on the market.
**It is interesting to note that "Ayrılık Zor" was not sold separately in shops, but could only be purchased with Avea GSM top-up cards or phones. Thus in cases of first time Avea subscribers this single was purchased for at least four times the price of a normal store single CD, adding an extra dimension to the amount sold. Had this single been given a public release it would have almost doubled this amount.


German Director for Tarkan's Video (24 Dec 2004)
Releasing an English single in Turkey in October 2005, Tarkan has recently filmed a music video for his "Bounce" song.

Tarkan's long time girlfriend Bilge Öztürk has commented that the video was directed by porn* director Martin Weisz. Filmed in Los Angeles and adorned with beautiful girls, she said that "It's a really cool, very colourful** video." She also expressed how she was tired of all the marriage gossip about Tarkan and herself, saying, "We can be together without signing our names to anything and we're happy this way."

*The news article is not asserting that Weisz is a director of porn films, but it's implying that this is how Bilge described him. It should be made known that Weisz's biography at imdb makes no mention of any porn films and Tarkan later made a comment explaining that what had been mentioned was the fact that Weisz had directed a Korn video, and this was misunderstood by the reporter.
**The term colourful here is used to mean distinct and exotic. [Thanks to Leila for suggested amendment]

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