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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tarkan News Update for Second Single

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

UrbanIt was reported nearly four weeks ago that 's second single would be the sixth track from his album Come Closer. At the time of reporting, a release date for May 12 had been given, but that date has been put forward by a week, if the details given at Urban, a division of Universal Germany, are correct.

Now set to be released on May 19, the German language news section at Universal Germany's official site for the singer also verifies news of a second single, giving details as to its production.

However, it is worth reporting that the two sites give conflicting dates for the single's release at the time of this publication: May 2006:Tarkan at present finds no time to rest as "Start the Fire" is set to be released as his second single. After "Bounce" and "Come Closer" successfully conquered the charts, work has already begun for the next single. "Start The Fire" is planned for the beginning of June and this time shows Tarkan's rock-heavy side. Hit maker Mousse T will contribute by mixing an exclusive version. Next week Tarkan will stand in front of the camera for the new video to "Start The Fire", which will be located in beautiful Paris. It's definitely going to be hot! (Translation by Adelind Osmanlı)

The site also explains that first pictures from the new single will be published "soon" at the site, so English fans should keep checking the German language version of the official site also.

Tarkan's first single did not perform as expected in the German music charts. The highest position it managed to reach was 15, making many suspect that music piracy had been to blame.

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