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Thursday, November 09, 2006

East Embraces Turkish Star

Tarkan Brings City to a Pop-stop
By Mark Dumfris reporting from Lebanon, courtesy of Khaleej Times

Recently snubbed by the country that Tarkan grew up in, Dubai is a different story than Germany.

Tarkan in DubaiThe long awaited arrival of the Turkish pop prince to step foot on Arabic land is over. Fans in Dubai don't have to wait anymore as he will grace the stage tonight at the Dubai media city with Lebanese Nicole Saba singing in the opening act.

On performing in Dubai for the first time for his fans he says "I heard that they have wanted me to perform here for a long time. I just couldn't believe that I had a family here for years. I didn't expect that they would be familiar with my music, but they do know. I guess I'm excited but a little nervous too because I don't know what to expect tomorrow as it is my first time to perform here."

Having just arrived from Germany, he is still on tour and will be performing through out the next months. When asked what the fans can expect from the show he said that he will sing the songs that they know, some of his new songs which are in English and of course his hit songs.

The Turkish pop star, whose music is a fusion of contemporary sounds with Turkish melodies beating at the heart, is what popularised him - such as the hit song "Şımarık" (Kiss Kiss) which was then re-released and covered by Australian singer Holly Valance. Tarkan has released several platinum selling albums during his career and has sold an estimated 15 million albums.

What many people are not aware of is that Tarkan has actually been singing from a very young age, and although his music is branded as pop, what actually sets it apart from other pop songs is the oriental beat which stems from classical Turkish music and the poetic soulfulness in his voice. He says "I used to sing Turkish classical music when I was a child like Ottoman music. I grew up with it, it's a deeper kind of music I guess that's what affected my career. I guess people appreciated all that because I was saying something credible good and new". No doubt, his fusion of pop and Turkish music is also a result of him having lived in Germany and America, so the influence of different cultures is prevalent.

So what really inspires this singing star? He says "It could be anything, I mean Dubai for example can inspire me. I know when I go back to Turkey I'm gonna write a song about it. It's basically people, their lives, what they are going through, what I'm going through, the past, God, what he created, it's all so beautiful, as well songs by artists I look up to like Prince, Stevie Wonder, U2, Sting, Marvin Gaye. Hip hop is also inspiring very lately".

Tarkan will be releasing a Turkish pop album soon in 6 months, but until then don't miss your chance to see a great show prepared for tonight at Dubai Media City.

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