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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Germans Snub Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

It seems that Germans have snubbed Tarkan in his first official concert in Germany for over three years.

While it's been reported that his Turkish pop counterpart Kenan Doğulu drew a crowd of 10,000 fans in Munich, Tarkan played to a crowd of almost less than half that number at Dortmund.

Although Turkish newspapers have printed that a crowd of 7,000 fans appeared for Tarkan's Dortmund concert, many eye witness accounts emailed by fans to Tarkan Deluxe contradict that number. Almost all claim that the 10,000 capacity Westfalenhalle concert hall was less than half empty and that Tarkan cut his concert short, leaving an hour early.

His recent appearance on German TV singing to 50,000 Germans seems to have failed to ignite the German appetite for the star - concert sources at Dortmund have revealed that while a few non-Turkish fans showed up, the majority of the crowd consisted of Turkish fans. This did not change Tarkan's song list, however, as most of his repertoire included his English language songs from his 2006 release Come Closer.

Turkish fans started campaigns for the album Come CloserThe English album polarised much of the Turkish music community on the Net, even going so far as seeing Turkish fans starting campaigns to either boycott or support the album (see pic). This put a stance on promoting piracy on the Net in Turkey, which was highlighted with the pre-release distribution of Tarkan's stolen songs from the album last year.

Tarkan was to have initially started his Live in Germany series of concerts in Munich, but this was cancelled along with three other dates due to what the singer himself and his PR team had cited as a recurring knee problem, but what other sources claimed to be due to a lack of ticket sales due to high prices. Doğulu's ticket prices were considerably cheaper.

This comes as a big blow to the singer who sees his German upbringing as very important, and believed that he could cross the racial divide and speak to Germans with no Turkish connections.

Fans have been refunded for the cancelled dates, also raising questions whether the German dates have been postponed or cancelled permanently. Tarkan has indicated that concerts will resume in spring next year.

The singer's next live appearance is in Dubai on November 9, while his next German concert in Hamburg is on the 17 of this month.

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