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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tarkan Talk

Some feedback from Tarkan fans that I wanted to share:

T in Texas, USA, writes:

I have read Mark's article several times about Tarkan fighting the press. I do have to ask what is the devine Mr T up to. I think he is awesome but maybe he is taking things too far by being so rude to the press. I believe that choosing to be a celebrity brings bad along with the good. In fact no matter what you do in life you are going to meet many people who want to say bad and untrue things about you - been there done that - but being a celebrity you have to multiply that by 10 000.

Me as a fan I am always trying to find out things about him and what he feels or says. By fighting the press I think he is making a very bad mistake, the more he fights them the more they are going to make up or dig up bad things about him. I feel that by being so negative about the press he is also being distant from his fans - us people who both care about him and help pay his wage. No one can survive alone and I do think that celebs no matter how talented they are need publicity. If not how do we know what is going on. I do not think he can survive alone he needs the press to buoy fans along give us info etc.

I know some of it is total rubbish but I think because he will not talk to them they will make things up - find people to gossip spread rumours and all that. I do not think for one minute that the press made Tarkan but I do firmly believe they helped him a great deal.

I, too, agree with the lady "Tarkan please pull yourself together." We love you but if you want to become a recluse give up the singing, the stage shows and wanting to be adored and become a backstage guy, produce, write and organise for other singers. You will be missed but if that is what you want pursue it. I write this as a really loving fan who only want's him to succeed.

I just have to qualify one small point here. The lady who wrote that article was Rahşan Gülşan, a former aide of Tarkan and someone who had just in the summer of '06 written a glowing account of one of his Istanbul concerts at the Harbiye.

Tarkan had complained to her after the account was published because she had printed their conversation without telling him it was "on the record". She had also been promising her editor an exclusive with Tarkan for ages without even consulting him - thinking she could take advantage of their history together - and Tarkan did not play ball after the open air concert review, causing her embarrassment at the workplace I should suspect.

The picture used in Rahsan Gulsan's articleSo, to use her column as a platform to air her own personal grievances at an old friend to me seems at worst an abuse of position. For the purposes of her piece, furthermore, to use a picture of Tarkan in a hospital mask where he had made an appearance for a good cause concerning children suffering from leukaemia (see left pic) as a "link" to her Michael Jackson argument - whose own masking up is for purely personal and idiosyncratic reasons - I thought was somewhat below the waist. The article smacked more of "hell hath no fury as a woman scorned" to me.

Arguably, it is useful to keep this background history in mind when reading what Mr Mayhey quoted from her, so we know how much weight to attach to her words.

Plus, what Mr Mayhey fails to mention is the unfairness in the relationship between the celebrity and the media. The press can be as caustic as it can get away with in print and is consequently seen as sharp, but the minute a celebrity tries to reply in kind they are seen as rude. The solution may be that fans should not put such a heavy reliance on celebrity press, and that artists should find other vehicles to carry their image and works.

But as you so rightly point out - for the moment - both need the other to a degree, and instead of an "eye for an eye" fashioned parlance maybe "turning the other cheek" is ultimately the best option for Tarkan.

Read Mark Mayhey's article under discussion: "The Celebrity Game" (dated Dec 4) >>


Valerie, in Hawaii, USA, writes:

Aloha, Ali and Mahalo (Thank you),

I just wanted to thank you for your website and all the various data re: Tarkan, you've translated. I accidentally found a Tarkan video, after my 25 year old daughter had told me about YouTube. Of course, I was watching all the oldies (Dick Dale, Del Shannon, Gene Pitney etc) then remembered that I'd heard some Lebanese music ages ago before my girl was born, when my pal from High School married a Lebanese man. I loved that music, hadn't heard it since, so YouTube provided the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with it. Someone must have had Tarkan in their playlist because I watched Gulumse Kaderine and was forever hooked.

Now I have (from Amazon) the Dudu CD, with 2 more coming, and about 8 more CDs ordered from Hopefully, Tarkans career will get huge in America because he is SO talented and I'd love it if he performed in Hawaii so I can go to my first concert in over 15 years... or a concert in California where some of my family lives.

So, thank you, Ali, for listening to this 55 year old who loves Tarkan's music. No one I've spoken to in Hawaii, California, or Oregon, has ever heard of him. The man over here who has put on concerts since the 60s is Tom Moffatt or Tom Moffatt Productions -- if you ever have occasion to let anyone in Tarkans retinue know. So this email is to thank you and let you know, this Hawaiian really appreciates the extensive work on you're websites. Have a wonderful Christmas season with your loved ones. My aloha to all of you.

Aloha! In relation to Tarkan and Hawaii - in a Russian interview this year he mentions it and he seems he is a big fan of your place as you are of him. Thank you so much for your feedback.


Asma, Basel, in Switzerland writes:

Hi Ali

I must thank you for all the lyrics and translations. You've done a really nice job.

I was searching on the internet for song translations to learn Turkish. And it's working really good, with the Tarkan songs.

Thank you!!


Shining from China writes:

Hello Ali!

I was listening to Tarkan's songs and got to your website, really nice job!! I love the notes you have underneath the lyrics..makes so much sense and Turkish is such a beautiful language :)


Thank you to you, too - and to everyone who emails me with notes of support and thanks. Your goodwill is very much appreciated.

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