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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Email Extracts [4]

I received another email from T, in Texas, USA:

I really enjoy your poetry you publish on your blog. It seems you always hit some stage I am going through. Your poem "Greatest Adventure" reminded me of a situation my big sister is going through so I sent her your poem. She said it made her cry. She has a long journey home but she will get there as she is loved. Thank you for giving something back.


An email from Tarkan Deluxe writer Lillian, in Japan:

I would like to share something with you. Not a really great thing but I want to say thank you. One of my school assignments was inspired by your poem "The Old Venetian Port". It was a resort hotel design assignment and we had to choose the location first. I chose Cyprus because somehow at that moment, your poem and the picture in my mind told me it had to be there. I read you words about Cyprus and did more research before I started to design. I got an A on this work.

I know you mentioned the cacophony of tourists and "hotel design" sounds against that, but I just want to thank you for the inspiration.

Ali, I really think that you exist to make this world become better. What you try to do and what you have written in your blog is an invisible power, a greater one. You are like Trevor in the movie "Pay It Forward", sending your love and concern, which makes people want to devote to you.

With you, this world is a very human one. This is what you had said to me once and now I would like to give it back to you.


An email from "Gigi", a poet in Paris, France:

I believe there is a "Truth", of which we carry a peice of that inside us. It is like a treasure. We have to dig deep to find it, to connect with it, and to share it to bring that truth to a whole picture.

From what I read on your blog, I believe you have found your truth, and you share it so freely with us that I needed to thank you. I am sure that you touch, inspire and change everyone that reads your poems. I say this with faith, because I am not easily moved, but you have touched me.


An email from Patti Ramos, Nottingham, UK:

After reading your "Unbroken Links" poems I just felt I had to say that I have never read a style like yours before.

It seems so simple, and yet makes me feel there is so much underneath what you write. How do you do that?

I especially liked your "Knock, Knock" from that page. I don't know what you meant, but what I understood was that you had to lose yourself in love to have love accept you and it was like a cruel joke. It was really clever the way you did that.

Have you ever thought about releasing a book of your poetry? You must know that many people must be printing out and reading your poems over and over again. So why not help us out and put into a book that we can keep forever?


An email from Krishna R. Padiyar, MD, MPH, Board Certified, Occupational and Environmental Medicine:

Just wanted to thank you for your nice intro to Turkish music.

Went to Istanbul in March, and my wife and I really loved the place. I was amazed by the progressiveness of Turkey, and saw what my original country (India) could have been if they had a leader like Kemal Atatürk.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, and I'll be checking in on your blog every so often.


An email from "Steven":

I really look forward to your articles that you put into your "My Say" page. You haven't written anything in a long while now. Why?


An email from "P.T.", author, Louisiana, USA:

Dear Ali,

No I would never propose marriage to you as I am a 70 year old, married, great grandmother. I saw your blog and thought that you were interesting, that is the only reason that I e-mailed you. We are from different worlds. I was born on a homestead, in the wilderness, in northwestern Montana, USA and now live in southern Louisiana, USA.

I just wanted to say you are an accomplished person and I admire that.


To everyone who has taken precious time out to share their thoughts with me:

Thank you.

If my blog is any way accomplished it is in large part to the contribution of so many worthy people that see fit to send such kind words to me. Such a level of readership gives the blog more worth than anything I could ever write.

To have one accomplished person compliment me is compliment enough, to have so many frankly humbles me more than I can say.

Mrs Tanner's first few words are quoted from my profile page and harks back to an "era" when I used to have "Two final things: Don't propose marriage or email me for legal advice" written on it. When I first began the blog, my readership was initially at a level that deemed those words necessary. I am pleased to say that the mails I get now are usually from far different people, and it reminded me that it was time for a re-think on the profile.

So, I've changed it.

In respect to my articles, I do still write and will have my say. However, with growing readership comes a larger responsibility, and I always believe in the idiom "quality not quantity". So, for the time being, I prefer to share my thoughts with news that I find of interest and my poetry.

As for questions about books of my poetry - only time will tell.

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