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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Wish List

The first day of a new year. A chance to renew yourself, or a chance to forge a new you. Most of all, it is a chance to be better. Here are some pointers I always try to follow:
  1. Walk with wisdom through chaos, don't forget there is peace in silence. Unless absolutely necessary to do otherwise, try to be friendly to everyone. The best response you can give to someone who does you wrong is to forget the wrong done to you. Forgive and forget. But never surrender your principles. Be sincere, calm, short but to the point when you speak. And listen to others. Listen to them even when what they say may seem stupid or silly, because everyone has a story to tell.
  2. Try and enjoy your successes as well as the plans for those successes. Always give your work your complete attention as it supports your lifestyle, but choose a job you love so it won't ever feel like you're working. Love your work so much that your successes will not only make you mentally and physically stronger, but will help change other lives, too.
  3. Either be as you appear to be, or appear to be as you really are. Don't pretend to love something when you do not. Give advice but do not judge. If you constantly judge people you won't find time to love them. And don't forget that what humans have amounted in knowledge over the centuries does not amount to one grain of sand on the largest shore.
  4. Never turn your nose up at love, for that is an evergreen oasis in an endless desert. And don't forget to be a worthy gardener for that garden, every plant needs constant attention.
  5. Prefer losing over winning deceitfully. The pain of the former is momentary, while the pain of the latter lasts your whole life. There are some ideals which are so important, that even losing for them seems like victory. The greatest legacy you can leave for the world is honesty.
  6. Don't get angry at the passing of the years, submit with a smile to the past those things more suited to youth. Don't let those things you cannot do obstruct those things you can. When you can't change the direction of the wind, go with its flow, because the world is not concerned with how many great storms you overcome, but whether you can bring your ship safely back to port. If sometimes you feel your want to file a complaint, remember that it is impossible to drag the universe to court. So, even when you pursue challenges, be at peace with yourself.
  7. Don't forget you were crying when you were born, but everyone else was laughing with joy. Live such a life that when you die, everyone will cry but you'll be smiling. Be patient, generous and forgiving. At the end of the day you are your only fortune. Spend your life well - on yourself and others.
  8. And try to really look and see beauty in all things, so that even with all that we have done to dirty our world, you'll realise it is still humankind's most beautiful house.

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