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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tarkan Not Turkish Enough

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan concert photographs by Christian BartschTarkan has appeared in highly respected German Die Zeit newspaper's online edition.

Known for its quality journalism, Die Zeit has given space in its music section to Tarkan's Hamburg concert in November last year, which played out at the Color Line Arena to a smaller crowd than anticipated.

Entitled Not Turkish Enough, a gallery of fifteen concert photographs by Christian Bartsch, with commentary by Delia Wilms, effectively portrayed the singer's energy through Bartsch's lens - while also touching on the subject of disappointing ticket sales, as reported by Tarkan Deluxe in November.

With the byline: "Tarkan, a star in the Bosphorus, has trouble in the concert in Hamburg: He speaks to his followers too much in English" - the gallery presents a small slice of the ups and downs of Tarkan's musical journey in 2006.

Described as "a picture of the modern Turkish man", a revealing commentary by Wilms continues: The 5000 fans that came love Tarkan. But the Color Line Arena has 16,000 seats. Does it have to do with the new album Come Closer? "I hope he doesn't sing so much English. We would like to experience a Turkish evening", say a Turkish couple. A ticket cost up to 100 Euros.

Similar comments continue, mentioning Tarkan's cancelled German concerts and that his English album has not sold well - though Tarkan's 1999 hit "Şımarık" is noted as a "world success".

Tarkan concert photographs by Christian BartschIt takes Tarkan an hour to break the ice with the crowd and no one wants to hear his "How are you" and "Are you feeling good" English interruptions, Wilms writes, while at the end of the concert a young Turkish woman says, "It was a good concert but I like the Turkish songs better."

Wilms ends by explaining that the aftershow party was cancelled due to some drunk gatecrashers, but that there were no other "disturbances" - not failing to take the opportunity to touch on Turkey's political strifes with issues over Islamic headscarves.

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