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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Smallest Actions

A friend once told me the story of how he and his best friend met.

He was walking home from school one day when he noticed a boy carrying an armful of books. Wondering whether the boy had emptied the local library, he saw a group of larger boys appear and begin to bully the boy with the books. They knocked him to the ground; the books fell into the mud. Suddenly feeling badly for the boy, he went to help him. They got to talking, and he realised that the boy was a newcomer to his school. He invited him to spend the weekend with him and his friends. They began to form a friendship from that time on, which lasted through the rest of their school years.

On their graduation day, his friend, who had been one of those late developers and had blossomed out into a successful student, gave a graduation speech. It went something like this:

"In our life, we have a lot of people to thank, our parents, teachers, siblings, but maybe more than any of these are our friends. Being friends with someone is the best gift you can give to that person. I want to tell you a story. I had left all my friends and started at a new school and was so low that I had contemplated suicide. I had even taken all my books home that weekend so my mum wouldn't have the horrible task of emptying out my school locker. But then, by luck someone came to my aid that day - my best friend, today. He had saved my life and didn't even know it.

Friends can be our earthly guardian angels. They support us when our own wings don't have the strength to fly. There is no beginning or end to true friendship."

When he realised that his small action of helping a boy to his feet had actually saved a life, it changed his perspective about life in general.

Life is that arena where we are brought together to affect one another's existence by whatever force you happen to believe in. Don't ever discount the consquences of your actions. A small intervention can change someone's life forever. For better or worse, our smallest actions today may become our greatest deeds tomorrow.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, like friendship only today is the real gift.

We should cherish both as much as we can.

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