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Friday, March 30, 2007

Project Progress Update

It has been well over a year since the first post about the progress of the Tarkan blog projects.

Eventually it is planned that, along with the Tarkan Main Index page at this blog, the Tarkan Documentary, Tarkan Translations and Tarkan Visual blogs will remain as an English database of information about the music artist.

Development is slow, but sure.

As always thank you to the team, and thank you to the fans. All of you are worthy of a lot more. Let us continue to inspire and be inspired together.

Tarkan Documentary

Aiming to give a more detailed and objective portrait of Tarkan, the Making Moves documentary has been given a more simple design with emphasis on content.

The documentary's English section has been completely rewritten, with new information and pictures. Tarkan's life is filled with press speculation and rumour, but by pooling over 100 sources from news, magazine archives and human sources, every word at the docublog has been scrutinised and verified (as far as is possible). Fan requests have also been incorporated, with some more focus on Tarkan's childhood.

The first three chapters have been published, with a few changes still pending for them, while the fourth chapter is currently under revision.

Tarkan Translations

Along with the additions of translated magazine and musical works - and continuing revisions of existing translations - a new section has been opened at Tarkan Translations. (UPDATE: This section is closed as of April 2011)

Tarkan Redux is a bit of media play with Tarkan's music and videos. It is an attempt to "translate" Tarkan's Turkish video footage in a different way, while at the same time aiming to put a fresh, new perspective on Tarkan's 2006 English songs.

Re-syncing Tarkan's Turkish works on to his English tracks are a bit of fun, and not to be taken too seriously by die-hard fans when they see their favourite music videos chopped up. Please note, I have emailed official sources concerning copyright, and videos may subsequently be removed.

A little footnote to add: Two of the videos at the Redux section are a tribute to a good friend as a thank you for her continual care and support. Her favourite tracks and videos were the inspiration for the merging of tracks "Touch" with "Kuzu Kuzu Acoustic" and "I'm Gonna Make U Feel Good" with "Hüp".

Medium and low quality versions are provided for each video.

Tarkan Visual

Ultimately planning to utilise this photoblog as a visual library for the blog projects, development is currently on hold due to changes in uploading photos in the new Blogger format. We're waiting for their upgrade to Picasa Web Albums to be completed - though that could take a long time.

In any event, uploading of new images will always be slow - even though we've had a lot of photos donated to Tarkan photoblog - because we have to be selective in terms of size and quality and need to verify ownership in certain cases, as it is a share-all blog.

Track progress updates: 1 | 2 | 3

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