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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tarkan Shakes Skopje

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan at Skopje © Cedi AydarçeIn Macedonia last Monday to give his first ever performance in Skopje, the City Stadium was flooded in a sea of love by a packed out audience for Tarkan's concert.

Noted for his live performances, the singer reportedly did not disappoint, with fans arriving from neighbouring regions in Macedonia to watch Tarkan sing a mixed repertoire of his English and Turkish songs.

Greeted by one of the few Turkish journalists that Tarkan has a good relationship with, İlke Gürman traced Tarkan's Macedonian movements, including catching Tarkan after the concert with his long-time girlfriend lawyer Bilge Öztürk.

Evidently relaxed and happy after the sell-out concert, Tarkan expressed his wonderment at the large crowd, which consisted of Albanian, Greek and Turkish fans, too. "At one point the whistles were so loud, my ear drums were ringing," he said.

The show began with his cover version of the classic folk song "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim", and Tarkan gave fans in Macedonia a night they would not easily forget.

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Hosting the event, Avalon Production had reportedly said that it had taken five years of negotiations to bring Tarkan to Skopje, and video footage from Gürman's report shows that it was well worth the wait. Tarkan shook Skopje to its core.

Energized fans clung to railings, dancing madly to Tarkan's music, while others in the crowd were seen sporting huge Turkish flags, and waving them madly towards the stage.

Some fans spoke to Gürman, expressing how they had waited a long time for Tarkan to come to Skopje, and that they loved him and his music "very, very much". Some said they felt they were dreaming, and couldn't believe the artist was in Macedonia.

Laughing and uplifted, when Gürman relayed the views of the crowd to Tarkan after the concert, it was obvious that the Turkish pop star had been moved by the warm reaction he had received from Macedonia.

Undoubtedly a success, Turkish TV channel ATV has been airing Gürman's report throughout its major news broadcasts, even though there has been almost complete silence from other Turkish media channels about the concert.

Turkish newspaper Sabah has made the video available online, those interested can view Gürman's report here.

Photo: Tarkan on stage at Skopje © Cedi Aydarçe

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