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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Chronicle of Tarkan's Image

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Onur Baştürk, writing in his magazine column Kırmız Hat (Red Line) for Turkish paper Hürriyet supplement Kelebek, discussed Tarkan's constantly changing image for his article dated 22 December.

Baştürk had leaked the lyrics to Sezen Aksu's song "Nezaket" in his September column, which had been removed from Tarkan's 2007 album Metamorfoz, and had also interviewed the artist on the eve of the 2003 release of Dudu for Aktüel magazine.

Now, in last Saturday's article on the eve of the 2007 album's release, Baştürk outlined the history of Tarkan's evolving styles and the eroticism that evolved with it.

Tarkan Deluxe presents the article in full below, translated into English (kindly provided by Ali Yildirim).

The History of Tarkan's Image

Onur Basturk's Kirmizi HatWhen his first music video "Kıl Oldum Abi" began to air on television he wasn't eye-catching at all really.

Slightly unshaven, a pouting face and his terrible trousers with yellow squares he was very ordinary.

Later, by his self or under the guidance of someone, he discovered his sex appeal.

Initially they concentrated on his green eyes. During his first concerts, a huge poster holding only a pair of green eyes would be placed behind the stage.

Slowly, after a while, he began to strip. His pose with a little Dalmatian dog resting on his naked bottom was the first step of Tarkan eroticism (Hafta Sonu Magazine, 1994).

Of course its continuation came in a more courageous way. This time he wore an overcoat, and a pair of white boxers underneath. And with his hand he was clutching his sexual organ (Cosmopolitan, 1994). In a report he gave to Aktüel he said he wanted to be the country's "Male Madonna", and by commenting that "There's both man and woman in me" he was embracing all genders and certifying his eroticism for everyone.

And, in the year 2000, the photographs he gave to Amann Magazine* became the climax to Tarkan eroticism.

Pulling his trousers down, squeezing his nipples; simply put Tarkan was showing that he had inflated his muscles and the provocative/unobtainable eroticism balloon he had created, with all his breath...

The fifteen year history of Tarkan's image, 1992-2007The history of Tarkan's image. Click on pictures for larger view.
Along with the Kuzu Kuzu era, his sexy image took on a more professional air.

It was because he was working with fashion designer Dice Kayek. Inspired by 1930s America, shiny, colourful, if it's the right way to put it open chested shirts, together with wide-flared trousers he had grown his hair long, too.

And during his "Dudu Dudu" phase it seemed that now little by little he was trying to strip off from being the object of desire.

Plus, in the interview he gave me at that time he was saying, "I desire to be viewed in other ways.

"Simply just how sexy I look or how well I dance isn't important."

And in the last breaths of 2007... On the cover of his new album Tarkan has come before us with an image this time in a suit, sporting short-cut hair, unshaven again, very covered and with a slightly Reina** boy's manner of air.

It would go amiss not to have "an expert" appraise his latest style.

The opinion is given immediately below, namely the last word in the unthinkable changes to the Tarkan image...

"Good in general but there are mistakes"

Here is style consultant and fashion marketing PR agent Metin Gürsoy's latest image conclusions:

For years Tarkan's stage image has been hard to figure out. Nothing he's tried has worked out, because every season he tries out another fashion designer and there's been no sticking to any one name patiently. When in fact, the number one rule in star styling is continuation. Kylie Minogue, who is followed in fashion as much as in music, has been styled by William Baker for years. The person responsible for Justin Timberlake's style is the same one since the release of his first solo album.

Now, after all these years, for the first time a style I like has been used on Tarkan. Simple and gentlemanly. But still there are mistakes that stick out. The colour of the suit is spot on but the material is shiny. Yes, shiny material is in fashion, but not this colour.

A narrow tie, even though Justin Timberlake can be seen wearing it too, it's going to be out of fashion soon. Besides, the shirt's collar for that style of narrow tie is too thick and upright.

And a shiny metal belt is ordinary looking. From now on, the image of a suit without a belt is the stylish man's choice. I don't want to even talk about the thick bracelet! In short, the thinking behind it is good, but the clothes and the general style don't have a story to them.

* The photographer of the Amann photos, openly gay Nihat Odabaşı, took reels of pictures in a shoot that had lasted almost a day with the star. The images Tarkan had meant for publication were given to another magazine, while Amann released photographs that the singer had taken for fun. The two had met while serving in the Turkish army in 2000, but it was a short friendship that ended over the publication over the Amann publication.
** Reina is a famous restaurant and bar in Istanbul, and most of the city's jet-set boys go there.

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