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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tarkan Confessions

ConfessionsAs Tarkan holds a special place in the heart of the Turkish public, it's not surprising that some might hold a secret Tarkan confession or two. And for those inclined, there is a place on the Internet which provides the perfect anonymity for you to bare your soul.

Turkish website provides a space for its members to let loose and publicly confess their most innermost secrets.

Search the site's archive of "confessions" with the keyword 'Tarkan' and what do you find? Hundreds of girls and boys confessing their love for each other after meeting at a Tarkan concert, or confessing their fantasies about the artist and their wish to sleep with him (yes, the boys, too). Some confess erotic moments shared with a Tarkan song, and a few claim to have met him personally and "confess" certain secrets about the star. It's also interesting to see the changes of the confessions through the years.

Tarkan DeLuxe has translated into English some of the more interesting confessions members have shared about Tarkan for its readers.

A confessional is good for the soul...
(Click on the years to view)

From 2001 »
tanqueray, Sex: Male, Age: 23, Country: USA, 14.12.2001
When I saw Tarkan's album reach the top of the Most Selling Album's list in Chicago's Virgin Megastore, I couldn't believe it.

bahtsizleyla, Sex: Female, Age: 33, Region: Ankara, 25.11.2001
I am a journalist. At Tarkan's press conference I was so busy looking at him like a love-struck fan that I didn't remember anything he said.  Back at the office when I replayed the tape I said amazed: "So this is what he said?"

SARI ÇİÇEK, Sex: Female, Age: 27, Region: Kocaeli, 06.10.2001
The need to kill myself was strong but Tarkan saved my life. I'm not crazy, or over dramatic. I just went home from work one day and closed myself up in my room. I had bought a bottle of aspirin from a near by chemist each month for six months and I had stocked up a good supply. Now was the time. I took out the bottles from their hiding place and went to get a bottle of water from the kitchen. Somewhere outside Tarkan's "Gitme" (Don't Go) song was playing on the radio. I couldn't move until it ended. I don't know why, but I couldn't kill myself after that. I went and threw all the tablets away and never told anyone about this until now.

havalıitirafçı, Sex: Female, Age: 33, Region: Ankara, 26.09.2001
1- I have been happily married for 5 years, but I am in love with Tarkan. I've gone to all his concerts. He dances so sexily, I want to taste him from his lips all the way down to his...stomach. 2- When I think about these things I feel very guilty towards my husband. 3- Sometimes when we are making love I will think about Tarkan.

güzelkedicik, Sex: Female, Age: 23, Region: Istanbul 03.09.2001
I think I'm falling in love with Tarkan. I've been with my childhood sweetheart for seven years, but suddenly Tarkan came into my life and changed me. It's as though he is telepathically communicating to me, "Come and find me somehow, reach me. You won't be disappointed." God, I feel so guilty! Plus, my eyes and face are similar to his, so I keep thinking if I went to a concert, would he notice me? I don't think so. But, either I've gone mad or he really is speaking to me inside my head. I'm going to go crazy.

Antiope, Sex: Female, Age: 20, Region: Istanbul 13.08.2001
Oh, what a stupid girl I am! The phone number of the house I used to live in a few years back was very similar to Özdemir Erdogan's number. And I use to tire from having to say "Sorry wrong number" to all the phone calls that we'd mistakenly get for him. One day I answered the phone and a male voice said, "Hello this is Tarkan, can I speak with Mr Erdogan?" Well how many people called TARKAN would be asking for a songwriter? But I didn't think about that at the time, and like a fool I said "Wrong number" and put the phone down! Of course afterwards I came to my senses. I could've at least spoken a few words to him! I still feel stupid when I think about it today!

Semazen, Sex: Female, Age: 32, Region: Ankara, 09.08.2001
I, the woman who has everything, a high power job, status, charisma, someone who used to laugh at people who fell in love with stars from the entertainment industry, fell hopelessly in love with Tarkan after seeing him in concert at Laila [the now defunct Bosphorus night spot that was all the rage a few years back amongst Istanbul bars]. I want to take him by the arm, take care of him, with a 'whoop' breathe him in. Oh Oh Oh... I know I'm crazy. And as if this wasn't enough, I told my best friend (the wife of a famous industrialist) my little secret. And what do you think she said? "O shush darling, don't mention the subject of Tarkan. I melt away inside. I'm in love with him, too. I go weak every time I hear his songs play."

the_tarkan_fan, Sex: Female, Age: 24, Region: Istanbul, 07.08.2001
I'm in love with Tarkan, like you wouldn't believe! I got a chance to hold his hand in Laila and I've even split up with my boyfriend because of him. I am going to America to study this winter, and all I can think of is the chance that I might see Tarkan on the streets of New York.

From 2002 »
puntadeleste, Sex: Female, Age: 32, Region: Istanbul, 13.03.2002
When I was studying at University in Boston, we'd all go to a bar called M80 on Saturday evenings. One such Saturday as we walked in I saw Tarkan. But those days he wasn't so famous. He was a little chubby back then. As we walked in I said to my friends, "This guy is supposedly a singer in Turkey, but no one knows who he is!" Wow! Looks like I know talent when I see it, huh? Lucky I don't work as a talent scout!

whenlightsgodown, Sex: Male, Age: 29, Country: USA, 03.03.2002
I saw Tarkan once in Manhattan at one of the busiest times of the day, and when we went up to speak to him he was so kind to us, it was amazing! He wasn't full of himself at all! I hope he makes it in America. I wish him all the best. We love you.

Tarkanhastası, Sex: Female, Age: 36; Country: Abroad, 01.03.2002
I'm a mother of two kids. I don't feel for any one, including my husband, the attraction I feel for Tarkan. The man drives me crazy. I sleep and wake with him. I've taped his videos, and watch them countless times. For months I've been masturbating while looking at his calender. I make love with him in my dreams. In my opinion there is no one as sexy and attractive as him. To be honest my husband is very good-looking, with a good career. But Tarkan is an addiction with me. I'm writing this to share a craze of mine. Should I be ashamed? He is my idol. And that kissing scene; God, he drives you crazy.

-papatya-, Sex: Female, Age: 24; Region: Istanbul, 21.01.2002
I met Tarkan once. My left arm and leg were in plaster. Due to my accident, I hadn't been able to go out for a long time and my closest friend had taken me to seashore with his car. We parked right by Tarkan's car. Finally gathering up enough courage I went over to him. He was so sweet. As soon as he noticed my plaster casts he said "I hope you get well soon" and you could tell he really meant it. And his smile was to die for. He was so sincere, so natural...Knowing what idiots other stars can be just makes me realise even more how lucky we are to have Tarkan. I don't care what anyone says about him in the press. If he can take time out and be kind to some one he doesn't even know, then thank God he's on this earth. I wish wish him all the best.

From 2003 »
all media, Sex: Female, Age: 28, Region: Istanbul 30.07.2003
Tarkan's song Dudu holds a different meaning in our family. This is because all the females in my family use the 'dudu' word as slang for vagina. Whenever one of the family men sing "Oh your 'dudu' lips, drink from them hungrily" you should see his wife's face!

jamesspader, Sex: Male, Age: 28, Country: USA 25.07.2003
There is a program on a well-known TV station in the US that shows the weddings of the rich and famous. They played Tarkan's "Kiss Kiss" song when they showed Russell Crowe's wedding.

theuser, Sex: Male, Age: 27, Country: Cyprus 16.07.2003
This morning (23.06.2003) as I was zapping through the TV stations, I came across the Ugly Betty soap (I think it's a Mexican series) and in a bar they were playing Tarkan's "Şımarık" song.

From 2004 »
denizkızıtuana, Sex: Female, Age: 22, Region: Istanbul 11.09.2004
Whenever we try to close our front door my little sibling screams the place down, "Why are you shutting the door? Tarkan's gonna come." And we're forced to wait until she goes to sleep to close the door.

Mrsexy, Sex: Male, Age: 30, Region: Istanbul 11.04.2004
I did my army service in Malatya, at the same place as Tarkan and Mustafa Sandal. Both are real good guys. Tarkan especially is a real gentleman. Mustafa was a little crazy and a joker. Mustafa in the mess kitchens would be washing the dishes at zero temperatures and singing, you guess the rest. Tarkan went through hell the first days. (More correctly he was put through hell.) But after that he did just fine.

and-i-miss-you, Sex: Male, Age: 25, Country: Germany 20.01.2004
I used to sell pirate Turkish CDs at a market [...] When I saw a German policeman approach my stand one day, I thought "Now, I'm for it". But all he asked me was, "Do you have Tarkan's latest album?" Now [as I have learnt it's against Islam] I don't sell pirate CDs any more. Along with God, Tarkan [...] and my country's rare artists please forgive me.

From 2005 »
aycaca, Sex: Female, Age: 36, Region: Istanbul 29.10.2005
My television has the option to freeze frame. To check out a good-looking guy I freeze his image. After hours of research I've come to the conclusion that Tarkan is the most handsome. That man's every position is appealing. Even when he is caught off-guard he comes out beautiful. If you could only see the frozen image of those that try to pass themselves off as "pretty"! Eyes back, mouth crooked or like a black hole. Beyond funny! And most are ugly. While I have this remote control no one can trick me any more. I recommend it.
From 2006 »
nonuçkapa, Sex: Female, Age: 27, Region: Istanbul 11.11.2006
Dear X, thank you for taking the time to fill out the application form for a position at our firm, you're 29, an engineer, worked in the top companies, and your references are great, but why oh why did you put "Tarkan Fun Club" in the section entitled "Societies/Clubs You Have Joined"?
From 2007 »
kuskuspilavı, Sex: Male, Age: 31, Region: Istanbul 10.07.2007
I'm flying to Antalya from Istanbul. All of sudden there's a commotion and Tarkan comes on board blowing kisses. He sits three seats parallel to me. Of course the air stewardesses and girls all start checking him out. But it felt good as I pushed my sunglasses down my nose, turned towards him and said, "Excuse me are you an artist or something?" But, I have to give the man credit, without giving anything away he merely smiled and said, "I sing a little".

itiraf_seediorum, Sex: Male, Age: 22, Region: Istanbul 16.06.2007
My 6-year-old baby cousin's confession: "My biggest love is Keremcem but I love Tarkan even more!" Watch out little guys, the girls in your generation are going to be hard to please.

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