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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Playing for the Top

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's 2007 tracks are at the top of Turkish radio airplay lists

Tarkan's 2007 tracks are at the top of Turkish radio airplay lists, and has made an appearance on some lists across the Turkish border, too.

While making the number one slot on Turkish radio and DJ lists such as Michael's Top 10, Istanbul FM, Number 1, Kupe FM, Radyo Vatan and Mydonose Turk, Tarkan's "Vay Anam Vay" sits comfortably in a top five position on radios Super FM, Show Radyo, Best FM and Radyo D. On a few of these radio stations he had formerly held the number one slot for three weeks or more.

The artist's romantic song "Istanbul Ağlıyor" is also a public favourite, and has hit the top slot for airplay on a Turkish radio broadcast that majors in slow songs, station Slow Turk.

Airplay Outside of Turkey

Across the border, Dutch urban station FunX added Tarkan's opening track straight in the top ten position of their XChart three weeks ago, with the singer reaching second place this week. The charts are also open to public voting on the Net, and Tarkan is the second artist with the most votes at the time of writing.

Before his 2007 Rotterdam concert, Tarkan had been interviewed via phone for the Dutch radio station by Reinout van Gendt, where the artist had spoken on a wide range of issues, ranging from musical inspirations and new music projects to his dreams for the future.

Tarkan is top for airplay at Turkish-German radio station Metropol FM, too, in a country with a large Turkish community and where Tarkan will be releasing his 2007 album Metamorfoz at the start of February.

Metropol FM even host Tarkan on their website's head banner - along with their radio crew - a picture taken when Tarkan had visited the radio station in 2006 on a promotional plug for his English language album Come Closer (see left pic).

Urban's page for MetamorfozMusic label Urban, a German division of Tarkan's international music ticket Universal, has already opened a page for the German release of the singer's 2007 album, which has a cheaper price tag than shopping site Amazon Germany, where the album is also available to order.

After a February 1 release in Germany, there are plans for distribution to other European countries, too.

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