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Monday, February 26, 2007

I Don't Need An Award

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In a radio interview last Thursday for Dutch urban station FunX, Tarkan spoke on a wide range of subjects, ranging from his musical inspirations and his current relationship to his new music projects and his dreams for the future.

Tarkan on stage
FunX logo
Talking to radio presenter Reinout van Gendt over the phone, on the eve of Tarkan's Rotterdam concert on March 3, the Turkish pop star made it clear that recent news he was aiming for a Grammy Award was blown out of proportion by the Turkish press.

"That's just a dream...if my fans appreciate my music, what I do...Grammy doesn't really matter y'know...I know that I have potential to make good music and I don't need an award to really believe in myself more..."

For a Turkish press unable to achieve such an open interview with their most notable pop star, the thirteen minute interview was almost a journalistic guide on how to get closer to Tarkan.

In the revealing 22 February interview, the artist also went on to say that his real ambitions lay in wanting to "participate in some projects helping the environment like global warming, because this year I think the world has realised that global warming is really having a big effect on human life, and I think it's urgent to help the world..."

Dutch radio station FunX has been broadcasting via the Internet and local frequencies in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague since 2003. It presents music from all over the world and actively involves young people in the programming.

Coming Closer USA

The pop star signalled that everything was still on track for his English album project, including the release of a third single - although to which track the Turkish superstar has yet to decide.

Telling van Gendt his dream "to make it happen in the States" was thanks to the inspiration of late music mogul Ahmet Ertegün, the singer also revealed he was adapting his Come Closer album for the American music market. Along with some surprise duets, some of the changes included three new songs - including one called "Nothing Like You", a contender for the third single. Tarkan explained, "I'm reshaping the English album...reproducing some of the songs. This is more the American version of the album. The [original] was more European sound wise and this one is more more urban."

On the subject of new projects, the singer also confirmed that he is currently in the studio for a new Turkish pop album, with ten songs already recorded and another two to go. Calling it his "favorite album" and hoping for a summer release, he said, "musically it's more urban...the beats are more's more modern than the other Turkish albums...beat wise. There're gonna be a lot of great up tempo tracks where people are gonna be able to dance and sexy grooves...It sounds amazing."

However, Tarkan stressed he was worried about piracy - hinting about the time his English songs were leaked to the Net before release - and that he had made a conscious decision not to sing his new songs at his concerts.

"I can't risk it. I thought about it, but some people might record it and I don't want to hear it somewhere else one day."

To read the complete transcript of the interview click here.
To download the full transcript in pdf format, click here.

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