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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tarkan Questions and Comments

First the questions:

Sally from London, England asks:

There is a question which has been bothering me for some time and I thought you'd be the person to ask! Does Tarkan smoke cigarettes?

If you look at some early 1990s photographs, you can see Tarkan holding a cigarette, so he probably smoked at one time. However, if you check out a May 2007 TV interview he gave, he is very much against smoking now.

UDATE: In a Tarkan interview by university students, the artist revealed that he used to smoke, but had now given up the unhealthy habit. (February 2008)

Jeremy from Devon, England requests:

I have a question about Tarkan's music video for his "Start the Fire"? I saw a bit of a video for this song on YouTube, but it wasn't from the version I've seen. Do you know where it's from?

The clip you've seen is most likely from the "French directed version" that was rejected and replaced with one filmed by Turkish director Kıvanç Baruönü in 2006. For more information and to view the clips, you just need to click here.

<< For more questions and answers about Tarkan see the Tarkan Q & A.


P.A. wonders:

Do you get any help for your Tarkan song translations?

Although I get help for the Tarkan section of my blogs from what I have called in fun "my own Tarkan team" (with Adelind and Mark my most recent collaborators), my translations are my own work. I may sometimes ask friends how something reads to them (whether it flows, for example), but so far I've done all my own translating, with no help.

That isn't to say I won't need help in the future; if I ever need help on a word for the sake of accuracy, I will be sure to ask a relevant person and credit the source accordingly. I do whatever is necessary to make my work the best it can be. For example, my sister-in-law did some editing for the Turkish section of the Tarkan documentary "Making Moves".

F.L. queries:

Why did you lock your translations to Tarkan's new album? Won't you be sharing them with us any more? I was one of the ones that asked you for them! So do I get a username and password, must I register somewhere?

I've been asked this question so many times in the past week, that I've decided to post a reply. I did explain all this in a recent post. However, I realise that sometimes I do get too wordy and forget that English is not everyone's native language, which results in a few people misreading my blog (I like to believe innocently misunderstanding what I write) and spreading a lot of misinformation. However, putting words into my mouth, or twisting my words, doesn't change the facts. So, just to repeat once more for your benefit,

  1. I locked my translations to allow a few of my core readers to read them before I make them public, these readers are not necessarily the ones that emailed requesting them;
  2. Yes, I will continue to share my work and will make these translations public soon; and
  3. No, you don't need to register anywhere, pay money, or give me something. Those that are getting the log-in details don't have to do anything. I will personally email them with the information, and my thanks, for always being nothing less than their own potential.

Finally I advise, as with all hearsay in general, not to believe everything you hear about this blog's posts from others, but to come and visit. Check the blog yourself and make up your own mind. I'm assuming that if you don't want to do that, you wouldn't be wasting your time emailing me any way.


Now for the comments:

S.T. from Barcelona, Spain writes:

My big complaint I have against Tarkan's web sites is he never seems to want to save anything. I like to follow concert and news archives, but Tarkan does not have anything like this, specific I mean concerts mostly.

At one time, Tarkan's 2001-03 versions of his site did archive news and concerts, and even had a catalogue of magazine reports and his music videos archived for fans to download. It is hoped that these archives may be incorporated into Tarkan's personal site again some time in the future.

Since 2004, Tarkan Deluxe archives concert calendars and reports here and indexes its news reports here.


And now for comments from readers that have viewed my English translations of Tarkan's 2007 Metamorfoz lyrics:

M.K. from Athens, Greece writes:

Thank you for selecting me to read your translations! First I thought these are your best translationz ever, (best notes ever anyway!!), but then I see something more. Most of the english the old albums translated I see from others must be a clone of your writing anyway, with words a little mixed, but this time I get chance to read other people's translations and then yours. Now I see how they seem the best!

H.H. from USA writes:

Finally I can understand what he is saying. Finally. Thanks to your translations, his Meta album means so much more to me. I only knew what I liked from the music and his voice, but now I can make a choice on my favourite song from the meaning, too. You don't know what this means to me. I was not sure to buy the album, but I will definitely be buying it now I have your translations.

Karena from South Africa writes:

Reading your translations gave me so much excitement. I was as nervous as I first listened to a new Tarkan song!

N.A. from Helmond, Netherlands writes:

I did the listening thing like you suggest when reading your translations, amazing how you almost translated some of them in time with the music. Some rhyme as well and flow like poetry. You are very talented. Thank you! Tarkan should thank you.

Pascha from Paris, France writes:

Thank you for letting me read the translations to Tarkan's new album. You have done the best so far. I feel that your translations just got better with each album, and with this one you bettered yourself by 100%! Your translations notes are great!!!! Just great! And adding Tarkan's own words about the songs was pure genius. Well done.


And a comment from one reader who will view my English translations of Tarkan's 2007 Metamorfoz lyrics when made public:

R.I. writes:

I want to thank you for the huge work and effort you are putting into your blog. Without it, we would have been really behind when it comes to Tarkan's updates. Well, I can't put my feelings toward your blog into words. It has it all. It's wonderful to see how u share knowledge, in all fields, with all of you readers. Reading your posts can never be boring.

I'll always say it: reading your translation is really a tremendous pleasure. They make all meanings and feelings of Tarkan's songs crystal-clear to me. There's no obscurity in meaning. No weird expressions. It's all fluid and smooth. I'm extremely happy at knowing that the translations will be made public. I'm so excited about that. Knowing that reading your exquisite writings could be very soon is such a delight.

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