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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tarkan's News-making Name

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan pictured at TTNetMüzik's January press conferenceIn the weekend press, Turkish newspaper Sabah mentions Tarkan in two economic news stories involving lifestyle and music.

On Saturday, a report about digital music platform TTNetMüzik by Kaya Genç gives some constructive criticism on how the platform could build on its huge success of nearly two million legal downloads from its Turkish music archives. Headlined as "Will this site create a metamorphosis in the music industry?", the January 16 dated article suggests that TTNetMüzik might consider choices such as inclusion of world music tracks and opening up their music banks for non-subscription downloads, by using tracks with embedded ads to generate the royalty revenues instead.

Writer Genç opens his article with Tarkan's involvement in TTNetMüzik's campaign (pictured left at the press conference for its opening in January), where the artist's 2007 domestic release Metamorfoz was used as a promotional vehicle to kick start the platform's music project.

In relation to legal digital music downloads, TTNetMüzik customers of Tarkan's tracks are reported to have reached the 100,000 mark. These sales will count towards overall album sales that are calculated at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, in a Sunday article about the rise in interest of healthy living among affluent Turks, reporter Sinan Özidincik writes that over 1.2 million Turks use fitness gyms to work out, counting Tarkan among their number.

Including the pop icon as a user of the commercial world brand Life Fitness gym equipments, it was noted that even Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs, Dr. Condoleezza Rice trusted herself to Turkish gyms fitted with the latest technology from Life Fitness when on a diplomatic visit to the country.

Music Poll Continues at

Interim results of the music poll at Tarkan's official site

And finally, the music poll at Tarkan's official site is still open at time of writing, inviting fans to vote for their choice of song to be filmed as the second music video from Metamorfoz.

The interim results show that fans are equally divided by tracks "Dilli Düdük" and "Dedikodu" (with a 27% share of all votes cast), while smooth love ballad "Istanbul Ağlıyor" is in a distant third place with 16% of the votes.

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