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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tarkan Ahead of the Game

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

The international Turkish subsidiary of American PC World magazine has prepared a report on the release of a Tarkan customised i.Beat player from leading German technological manufacturer TrekStor, confirming the correspondence sent by the company to Tarkan Deluxe in February.

iBeat Emo Tarkan EditionProviding a promotional picture of the "iBeat Emo Tarkan edition", the article reports that this is the first time a Turkish music artist will have a player named after him. Along with the player, purchasers will get promotional goodies, such as a never-before-released remix of Tarkan's track "Vay Anam Vay", and special videos and photographs of the pop icon.

The "Tarkan player" is planned to be unveiled at Trekstor's stand at the upcoming CeBIT fair this month in Hanover, Germany. Tarkan will be making a personal appearance at the global expo for the unveiling between 15.00-17.00 (3-5 p.m.) German time on Saturday, March 8 (coinciding with International Women's Day).

The news of a project involving a Tarkan digital music player has been around since last year, however it had been assumed then that the release of a player would have coincided with the re-release of his English album Come Closer. Tarkan's English album venture has been postponed, with the international release of his 2007 Metamorfoz album fronting the music player instead.

The player is also expected to be available to consumers in Turkey.

PC World is a global computer magazine published monthly, offering advice on various aspects of PCs and related items, the Internet, and other personal-technology products and services.

Tarkan Signals Turkish Advancements in Music Industry

The artist, who is one of the most victimized musicians of music piracy domestically and internationally, has recently been embracing new digital platforms under sponsorship from companies that are spearheading campaigns to protect the rights of musicians.

Alongside the player project, German news and press release distribution service Life PR is circulating a report that Tarkan's sponsor TrekStor has partnered up with digital music portal, to bring the largest music community to CeBIT under the banner "Music makes friends".

The portal's opening will be jointly presented with TrekStor's "MyMusic MP3 Player" at the expo next week. Working as a social networking site, it will also be an opportunity for unsigned talents to get their works heard, and there is a blueprint in place to create an avenue for fans to mix with some of their favourite singers. Fans of Tarkan's music will be able to join, and even create a community should they wish to do so.

The artist already signed up in January to advocate legal digital music downloads with the backing of the Turkish communications industry. Tarkan's 2007 domestic release of Metamorfoz had kick-started Turkish telecommunications giant TTNet's TTNetMüzik campaign for the opening of the largest Turkish music portal online. The project has been cited as a success, with total downloads from their digital music banks amounting to nearly 2 million purchases.

And finally, the latest Turkish edition of US magazine Billboard is discussing the pop icon seriously in terms of the music industry, as opposed to reading like a weekly women's magazine.

Reported by Turkish media blog TarkanPLUS, Billboard's 2008 March issue holds an article that discusses the view that musicians are shaping the music industry.

The article uses Tarkan and his music label and production company HITT as a prime example of an artist searching for more executive freedom over their works by having one company deal with every aspect of the musician's career. Labelling them as "boutique companies", services stretch to include album production, promotion and the right for artists to sponsor and take a large share of revenue from their own concert tours.

Indicative of global trends in the music industry - with many major labels across the world losing money due to its delay in dealing with digital downloads - more and more artists are flocking to independent music companies that offer a full-service deal. It had made the news last year when US music entertainer Madonna left her career-long label Warner Music Group (WMG) after her contract was up to sign a record deal with concert promoter Live Nation, one such "boutique label".

However, the music giants are not becoming defunct. The big names retain control over extensive distribution networks for compact discs and other physical products. Their reach is so great that many otherwise independent record labels still opt to use the majors to get their wares to market.

Tarkan has been way ahead of even major US artists it seems in this respect. Slowly taking control over his image and works since the creation of HITT in 1997, the artist has been releasing his works under his own label since 2001, with his 2007 Metamorfoz album released in partnership for the first time under a DMC ticket, (in place of music label Istanbul Plak that discovered him) for distribution purposes.

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