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Friday, March 28, 2008

Years of Celebrity Gossip

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Hafta SonuWeekly celebrity magazine Hafta Sonu, which first started out as a paper publication, is celebrating 41 years in the glamour industry this week. In a retrospective look at the magazine's history, their celebratory issue looks back at the news breaking gossip headlines that have graced their pages for nearly five decades.

No celebrity gossip rag in Turkey would be complete if it didn't include pop icon Tarkan, who is regular fodder of gossip columnists. Haftasonu is no different, but its most famous Tarkan lead was when in 1994 they published naked pictures of the young artist, who is seen baring all in a courageous photo shoot.

Tarkan NakedFrom the artist who is firmly covered up today, it is a blast from the past that reminds fans of Tarkan's taboo-busting origins in a traditionally conservative society. In a period when Turkish men were known for their restraint, the pop star revealed all in provocative poses that gave him nationwide notoriety.

In an earlier issue this year, the magazine had listed Turkish male celebrities that had "stripped for stardom", printing an old picture of Tarkan washing himself down in swimwear while reminding its readers that Hafta Sonu had been the first to run a series of shoots of Tarkan undressed in 1994.

Gossip Unbound

To continue with the gossip theme, while some gossip portals are alleging a no-show for the artist as fans get impatient to see Tarkan on MTV Türkiye, media portal Haberturk has printed rumours that Tarkan is set to return to the national tour circuit this summer. With talks already under way with some of the largest holiday resorts in Turkey, the claim is that Tarkan will get a sum of 200,000 dollars for one concert at Kilyos Solar beach in the beginning of June.

Solar beach is one of the most popular destinations at Kilyos on the Black Sea, only 35 km (22 miles) from the centre of Istanbul. The place has undergone restoration, promoting a holiday resort-like feel, known for its large beach parties and festivals.

If the report is true, Tarkan's start to the summer will hail a record-breaking amount for any Turkish artist for one concert.

The Haberturk article also claims that the artist is currently dieting and working out to get in shape for his 2008 concerts.

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