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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Turkish Billboard Site Up

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Billboard Türkçe Top 20The website to the Turkish subsidiary of Billboard, the US magazine devoted to the music industry, has finally opened its doors.

Visitors can access music charts, news, reviews and its own radio station at the domestic division of the magazine.

It is hoped that the charts maintained by Billboard in Turkey will gain nationwide recognition and be used as the standard measure for ranking songs in terms of airplay and sales.

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Previously, there was no main, decisive Turkish airplay chart to unify the various national ranking charts created from individual radio and TV stations request lists. Billboard's ratings - which aim to unify play lists in terms of popularity - are based on figures from Nielsen Music Control, the world respected research media company that monitors radio and TV stations across Turkey.

Meanwhile, sales figures are collected by reputable music association MÜ-YAP, which hands out awards to artists based on yearly sales figures for the highest-selling albums.

Having previously held the top position, Tarkan is still holding on to the number two place on the "Billboard Türkçe Top 20" chart, even after three months of release.

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