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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Tree of Life

the tree

that lets us breathe effortlessly
and gives us food and shade,
is waist-deep in its own history;
it cannot grow in every glade -

or quickly, or forcibly -
or inside bricked rooms,
the spirit must be free
not locked in concrete tombs,

it takes a slow, seasoned race
of years to grow and bear fruit,
there is no faster pace
that can take a deeper root,

it needs time in the sun -
a period of growth necessary
for its bark to become one
with its planted territory -

it requires water and subtlety,
a patient hand in its growing
to have knowledge of the tree;
to tell between the pruning

of its thinner branches
to help the greenness spread,
and how the forest diminishes
if we uproot its deepest bed,

and there will be types of tree
that grow stronger in different soil,
it cannot be pushed down wholly
without first the required toil;

let the planting be thought through:
for some trees can devastate
the natural habitat they come to,
splitting soil as a foreign state,

in such gardens we cannot know
how well tree to earth will take,
but should instead plant for tomorrow
just a seed in hope, to tend and wait.

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