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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Hospital Bed

I see a frosty light;
Souls frozen in the morgue
Of a sterilized night;

Fingers grip the sanitary sides
Of a clean, ironed coffin,
Your body has become an aside;

Yet, I'm not afraid to stand by you,
I close my eyes to calling sighs,
Almost feel your hand

Stroking the summer air,
Waving your last wave to me,
How your eyes were so alive,

Now see-through glass,
Empty of all
It once contained inside;

I pray you are water now,
Between the shiny ripples
You chased so freely as a child,

Or maybe caught in play
With the wind and the tree,
A raindrop making love to the sea,

Wherever you are now
I pray you to see me,
To speak of me always

To the sun, wind and rain,
And above the highest mountain,
Far from the frets

Of this hospital bed's soliloquy,
Tell even the glorious sun
Of how love never sets,

And tell her to wait for me.

In Memory of Barış Akarsu (1979-2007)

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