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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tarkan's Concert Calendar Additions

New concert dateIn an update to Tarkan's official site, a new concert date has been added for July (see left pic), while two dates for the Turkish singer's August appearances at Istanbul's Harbiye, as released previously by Tarkan Deluxe, has been confirmed.

Biletix - owned by world-leading ticketing company Ticketmaster - is selling tickets for a Harbiye appearance scheduled for 4 August, with news for a second show, confirming two of the four dates Tarkan Deluxe had previously published. The other dates are as yet to be confirmed, however.

Tarkan show at Harbiye from BiletixWhile the Harbiye shows have not been added at, the website to the artist's music company HITT, as the organiser of the shows, is currently being updated to include new information about the open air concerts.

Biletix, without giving specific dates, had confirmed last month that Tarkan would be taking part in the 4th annual Harbiye series of summer shows, under the sponsorship of Avea and organised by HITT.

Dates & Venues (All dates are subject to change, dates in green have yet to be confirmed by official sources)

12.07.2008 : Cyprus
29.07.2008 19.07.2008 : Erdek, Turkey
23.07.2008 : Almaata, Kazakhstan (UPDATE: Postponed)
26.07.2008: Bolu, Turkey
01.08.2008 : Bursa, Turkey (Doritos)
04-06.08.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey, Harbiye Open Air Theatre
07.08.2008 : Diyarbakir, Turkey (Doritos)
09.08.2008 : Gaziantep, Turkey (Doritos)
11.08.2008 : Adana, Turkey (Doritos)
13.08.2008 : Kayseri, Turkey (Doritos)
15.08.2008 : Antalya, Turkey (Doritos)
17-18.08.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey, Harbiye Open Air Theatre
24.08.2008 : Trabzon, Turkey (Doritos)
27.08.2008 : Ankara, Turkey (Doritos)
30.08.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey (Doritos)
02.10.2008 : Munich, Germany, Zenith die Kulturhalle
03.10.2008 : Düsseldorf, Germany, Philippshalle
04.10.2008 : Hamburg, Germany, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle
24.10.2008 : Vienna, Austria, Pyramide
31.10.2008 : Berlin, Germany, Tempodrom
01.11.2008 : Offenbach, Germany, Stadthalle
07.11.2008 : Paris, France, Le Zénith
08.11.2008 : Stuttgart, Germany, Messehallen
14.12.2008 : Amsterdam, Netherlands, Heiniken Musik Hall

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