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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tarkan's Concert Calendar Changes

In an update at Tarkan's official site, concert dates in Europe have been re-published with some major changes.

Some October concerts have been cancelled, while new venues have been added for December, with all previous dates scheduled in November either removed or given a different date.

The previously postponed Kazakhstan concert has not been added as yet.

Dates & Venues (All dates are subject to change)

18.08.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey, Harbiye Open Air Theatre
23.08.2008 : Taşdelen, Istanbul, Turkey*
24.08.2008 : Trabzon, Turkey (Doritos)
27.08.2008 : Ankara, Turkey (Doritos)
30.08.2008 : Istanbul, Turkey (Doritos)
02.10.2008 : Munich, Germany
03.10.2008 : Düsseldorf, Germany
04.10.2008 : Hamburg, Germany
08.10.2008 : Berlin, Germany**
12.10.2008 : Paris, France*
13.12.2008 : Basel, Switzerland
14.12.2008 : Amsterdam, Netherlands
19.12.2008 : Mannheim, Germany
20.12.2008 : Vienna, Austria
21.12.2008 : Brussels, Belgium

* UPDATE: Tarkan's official site has been updated again to remove the Paris concert and add an extra venue for the Municipality of Taşdelen in Istanbul's Ümraniye district (August 2008).

** UPDATE: Tarkan's appearance at Berlin's Popkomm was removed in a late update to the official festival listing (September 2008).

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