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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tarkan Goes Forth

Editorial by Mark Mayhey reporting from London, UK

Tarkan's 2008 Turkish summer tour ended in Istanbul last Saturday night and was, by all accounts, a stunning success. This won't have come as a surprise to long-term Tarkan-watchers who know he's turned out consistently spectacular live shows for the best part of 15 years. He has no serious rivals in Turkey in this respect.

An article by newspaper the Taraf, dated 22 August 2008, describes Tarkan's shows as phenomenal; the star is a conduit through which the crowd can release their energy and come together for two hours or more.

His shows are a flirtatious reunion between fan and idol, in which as the ever-dutiful host and liberal with his signature kisses, Tarkan seemingly never forgets a faithful face behind stage or in the crowd.

It's no surprise then that the papers also report soft-food giant Doritos sold two million snacks during their sponsored Tarkan tour this summer in Turkey. Despite Tarkan's critics predicting his downfall earlier this year, Turkey's most successful pop artist is still going strong.

The Work Speaks For Itself

Recently releasing a fourth music video from Metamorfoz for "Dilli Düdük" that satirises the treatment he receives from the Turkish paparazzi - Tarkan indicates he is one artist that lets his music do the talking.

After the re-issue of his 2007 album with a second CD of remixes, in a report with TTNetMüzik - Turkey's main telecommunications provider TTNet's platform for downloading digital music legally - the artist said as much.

Revealing that after the music video to "Dilli Düdük" another is planned for the remixed version of "Çat Kapı", Tarkan expressed he was all about a continuous metamorphosis - musically, visually and personally - and he couldn't envisage that ending.

From left to right Emre Aydin, Hande Yener, Sagopa Kajmer, Hadise, Hayko Cepkin; Turkish entrants for MTV Euro Awards 2008
Turkish entrants for MTV Euro Awards '08
Moreover, the thing most heartening is there are indicators to suggest Tarkan has turned away from the glitz and the glamour of awards and ceremonies, to really concentrate on his music and as a patron to allow others a chance to get their voices heard.

Head of the Turkish subsidiary MTV, Mrs Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya, revealed in a report that Tarkan's team declined an offer to be an entrant for the MTV European Awards 2008.

It may seem a strange decision, but actually it is the right one. Tarkan is too busy re-inventing Turkish pop music, and his real award has already been given.

What makes the greatest stars great is their ability to capture what made them special in the first place and then deliver that essence with a new added spice in a new and much bigger space. With Tarkan's constant creative output, for fans - like those queuing up for his shows - it's all the waiting rewarded.

The views in this article are those of the author alone.
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