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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Mother's Love

I was reading an article the other day about the difficulties facing women in today's modern society to be a mother, and I couldn't help but make comparisons with my mum, who relocated to our birthplace Cyprus with my father a few years ago.

Faithful readers of the blog will know a little about my mother and how she has been a role model for me in many ways in my own life.

Exceptional in any generation, but more so in her own, my mother was a career woman, balancing independence and interdependence in equal amounts. With seven children to look after and a factory to run, she managed to make a successful career out of the textile industry and of motherhood. And in addition to her immediate family, she has nurtured and cared for distant family members, friends and strangers over the years.

To me she imparted an healthy outlook on life, outwardly showing me just enough love to give me the confidence to be my own man. I went into the world knowing I would always have a home to go back to should things go wrong.

She taught me about the "real world" and to respect every living thing, and every situation. She gave me the skill to dine with a full cutlery set, and the wisdom to know when to eat with my fingers, because often times the most lowly table can be the richest. Such hosts are offering us everything they have, not everything money can buy.

She also taught me how to love others for they have things to teach us, too, and how to give and receive that love. Most importantly, she told me about the freedom that should come with that love.

If love is true, unselfish, comprehensive and devoted, then that love will set you free. It will be a love that goes so deep that we are willing to do anything for the other's happiness and well-being, even if it means letting them go.

And in my opinion, teaching our children to put their trust in that very staple of life, in any society, means you can't go far wrong.

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