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Friday, December 05, 2008

A Christmas Prayer

A prayer doesn't need a time or a place, it just needs the right amount of heart.

However, for some reason, we feel that our prayers hold more weight at certain times of the year, and for those who see it as more than a seasonal festivity, Christmas is such a time.

So today, I am going to respectfully ask my readers that we use the gift of prayer for a baby who is fighting to receive the greatest gift this Christmas, her life.

Children conjure up so many images for us, and those blessed with their presence in our immediate and extended families, know only too well the joy their presence brings. And, even though our responsibility towards them can also create an imaginable hardship, we frown upon those who would relinquish the task and celebrate those who sacrifice all for their young.

In this context, making the headlines in England at the moment is the news of a baby girl, who remains seriously ill after her conjoined twin died following emergency surgery to separate them.

The mother had named them Faith and Hope.

And I ask us all today to keep the surviving baby in our thoughts and prayers in support of her struggle to live.

So that, even though Hope has died, Faith might live on.

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