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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tarkan Gossip for Turkish TV

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan rumoured to go on to Turkish TV show with Eva Mendes

Turkish news portal Gazeteport has just lately published backstage TV gossip linking Eva Mendes and Tarkan, from one of Turkey's most popular current talk shows on TV, Beyaz Show - hosted by comedian Beyazıt Öztürk, popularly known as Beyaz.

In the light of recent rumours suggesting Tarkan had been misinterpreted over his comments that there were no Turkish talk shows he could go on - when what he had meant was he simply had nothing to say - a new twist has been added to Beyaz's long campaign to get Tarkan on his talk show.

Mendes Calls for Tarkan?

The celebrity host of the late night entertainment slot got a surprise condition attached to an invitation sent to Mendes, who had travelled to Turkey for work purposes, to appear as a guest last Friday.

So the TV studio gossip goes, Mendes asked to appear with Tarkan on the weekly chat show, and when Beyaz explained about his previous attempts, she said that she would personally call Tarkan to persuade the pop singer to change his mind.

Although official sources have refuted this rumour, which will go down in the annals of Turkish TV legend, as neither star appeared on the Beyaz Show, no one can know for sure if Mendes called Tarkan, except that attaching either star on to the guest list proved unsuccessful.

Mendes sightseeing in Istanbul last week
Cuban-American Mendes sightseeing in Istanbul last week
With security provided by the team used by Tarkan, Cuban-American actress Mendes was in Turkey last week to attend the first ever "Pleasure Summit" in Istanbul, as British ice cream company Magnum's Global Pleasure Ambassador and to film a commercial for the product, following in the footsteps of US actor Josh Holloway and British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley.

During her trip, Mendes described Turkey's largest city as a complete surprise for her and a sensory delight. "I loved Sultanahmet and Hagia Sofia. They just knocked me off my feet," she said.

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