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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tarkan Begins Environment Petition

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan signs petition to protect the Tigris river from being dammed upTarkan has put his name to a petition started by Turkish nature society Doğa to stop government plans to dam the Tigris River, and have the 10,000 year old region declared a World Heritage site, with plans to present it to Prime Minister Erdoğan.

Making the option available for fans to add their signature to the star's signature online, the nature society's official site has posted a press statement - picked up by major news channels - about the star's latest step to raise awareness in the region.

"We can find better and different alternatives to supply our country's needs rather than the damming of this region. I hope Germany, Austria and Switzerland will completely abandon the project, and that along with Turkey, the whole world will come forward to protect the region.

"We are going to request the Prime Minister that the site be protected as a World Heritage site, and that any work on damming the Tigris River will be stopped," the singer is reported to have said.

Tarkan had recently presented the Turkish Minister for Culture and Tourism with a report that shows the region holds nine of the ten criteria required by UNESCO for it to qualify as a World Heritage Site, with only one of those criteria needed for it to be registered as a region protected for future generations.

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