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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dates for Autumn Shows (Update)

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

After reporting that Tarkan's concert calendar for autumn 2009 has scheduled three concerts in Russia and a concert on 3 October in the northern Turkish territories of the island of Cyprus, more information for Tarkan's Russian concerts is being made available online.

Russia Live Tour 2009

Tarkan in Moscow 2009

Under the organisation of EMRussia and EMConcerts, posters have begun to circulate heralding the "Prince of the East" with "love's golden voice" coming live to Russia in November.

Tarkan Live in Russia 2009Tarkan Live in Russia 2009
Posters for 20 November show in Saint Petersburg at the Oktyabrskiy Big Concert Hall

Tarkan in Moscow 2009From the information available online being sent to us from our Russian readers, it seems that Tarkan will be appearing in Moscow for two dates.

Along with the initially reported 21 November show at Moscow's Crocus City Hall, from information posted it appears that Tarkan will be appearing in Moscow on the 18 November, too, and not at Yekaterinburg as first published.

UPDATE (September): The Yekaterinburg show has NOT been replaced >>

Posters for the 18 November concert show Tarkan planning to appear at Rossia Hall in the Russian capital - temporarily moved to the Grand Sports Arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex ("Luzhniki Stadium") - for the first venue of three hailed as Tarkan's grand return to Russia.

Tarkan Live in Russia 2009Poster for 18 November show

Tarkan had last appeared at the Luzhniki Stadium in October 2006.

Dates & Venues (All dates are subject to change)

3.10.2009 : Nicosia, Cyprus, Ataturk Stadium
18.11.2009 : Yekaterinburg Moscow, Russia, Rossia Hall (Luzhniki)
20.11.2009 : Saint Petersburg, Russia, Oktyabrskiy Big Concert Hall
21.11.2009 : Moscow, Russia, Crocus City Hall

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