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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Tarkan News Quickies

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan at Ajda Pekkan's Harbiye Show, 2009In another run-down of recent Tarkan news coverage in the Turkish press, the first news story is from Turkish paper Hurriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek - proclaiming that Tarkan has become ugly.

While Tarkan's recent surprise appearance at Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan's Harbiye show in Istanbul received wide media attention, only Kelebek ran with the byline that the famous popstar's new hairstyle and "thin look" had made his legendary good looks a thing of the past.

Even though the main news coverage on Pekkan's show lauded the packed event - with only one other dissenting voice coming from a derogatory article describing Pekkan's chat with Tarkan on stage as forced and insincere - Kelebek's article accumulated over 100 comments from its subscribed readers.

The article divided general consensus, with many coming out in support of the singer's new look. One reader commented on the Kelebek article, saying "You complain he's too fat, you complain he's too thin, he changes his hairstyle you say 'what's happened to him'!

"What's all the fuss about, he's just changed his hairstyle. He hasn't killed anybody."

Press Exposure with Tarkan

screencapElsewhere, other Turkish artists continue to talk about Tarkan to get more press exposure after releasing new material, including music acts Mustafa Sandal and Serdar Ortaç, and close friend Sibel Can.

Can pictured left, who is currently getting more newspaper space for her troubled marriage life coming to an end and showing her legs at her concerts than her 2009 album, has been quoted as saying, "A beautiful voice, a beautiful performance ... Only me, and Tarkan ... why shouldn't I use what I've got?"

Although Can's Tarkan penned song "Cantada Keklik" (A Bagged Bird) managed a low top twenty entry in the Turkish Billboard charts, another singer who had more success with a top five position for his Tarkan song "Ben Sen Olamam" (I Can't Be You), Emir has repeated his admiration for the popstar in an interview published by Hurriyet.

Emir doing Tarkan's 2001 Jesus look
Emir doing Tarkan's 2001 "Jesus-look"
Commenting that Tarkan wrote the song specially for him to début with a bang, he said that he was proud to be likened to Tarkan, but that however close they might get, their relationship would remain strictly professional.

"So what if I sound like Tarkan in the song [he wrote]? It's his song after all, it was the only way to do it justice ... [and] I'm always polite to him. If I were to offend him, I'd die," he is quoted to have said.

And as Kelebek publishes Sandal's comments that no other popstar has emerged after Tarkan and himself (while complaining in another report that artists should like each other more), a Sabah report with Ortaç quotes the singer/song-writer as saying that he is in the public conscience, but Tarkan is "on the outside" of it.

In response to a question about why there is no close relationship between the popstars of the nineties, Ortaç comments, "There's no rule that all artists have to hang out together. As long as we don't bother each other, everyone should just do their job.

"However, in certain projects we should come together, but I've never been invited to projects that include Tarkan [and others] ... [But] I'm not excluded, in fact I'm right in the heart of the country. They're the ones on the outside, and they don't know it!"

Meanwhile, alongside singers in the Turkish music industry, DJ Hüseyin Karadayı (pictured left), who collaborated with Tarkan on his Metamorfoz reissue and remixed the artist's songs before, has also been the focus of a Sabah report.

With a recent album out entitled Fresh that aims to get Turkey dancing to world class dance tracks, the article describes Karadayı's 2007 remix of Tarkan's English language track "Touch" (Come Closer, 2006) as one that elevated the DJ's listing in Turkey.

Karadayı's Remix of Tarkan's "Touch"

Warning: This video contains scenes that some viewers may find offensive.
A Turkish Pop Dance Specimen:
Tarkan's "Touch" [Hüseyin Karadayı Another Remix] (You Dance from Istanbul, 2007) re-synced with his video to "Ölürüm Sana" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997)

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Tarkan's New Album Binned?

screencapAnd finally, rumours from the gossip press continue to print that Tarkan has binned his 2009 album, reportedly on the advice of pop diva Sezen Aksu (pictured left).

Although Tarkan had been quoted as having said that he might surprise everyone with a new song very soon, the report prints gossip claiming Tarkan has not only binned what has been described as an album costing him $100,000 on Aksu's advice, but has decided against releasing a single, too.

The article claims that Tarkan scrapped an album due for release called "Gelenek" (Tradition), because Aksu had only liked one song from its playlist.

Deciding to release that as a single, when Aksu reportedly said that it wouldn't be right to release a single when there was so much expectation for an album, the popstar scrapped this idea, as well.

The news story now claims Tarkan is working closely with Aksu, who is planning to sing with Tarkan for his next studio album.

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