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Friday, August 21, 2009

More Denials for Eurovision 2010

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

More denials are coming in about Tarkan's reported agreement to represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2010, this time from public broadcaster the TRT (Oikotimes) and Tarkan's manager, Uygar Ataş (APA), just days after the news that his participation was "confirmed" by several Turkish newspapers.

On the same day British music journalist Mark Mayhey published his article at Tarkan Deluxe discussing the untrustworthiness of the Turkish gutter press, they helped to prove Mayhey spectacularly right with the recent furore over Turkey's 2010 Eurovision entry.

The main culprit seems to have been Turkish paper Sabah, which reported that along with plans to appear on a new music channel set to be launched, some sort of pre-agreement was said to have been formalised between the popstar and the Turkish public broadcaster responsible for the events in relation to the European Broadcasting Union.

Quickly picked up by other Turkish news channels, the rumour spread like wildfire throughout Eurovision news outlets, with only Tarkan Deluxe - and those following its lead - reporting the news in a cautionary manner.

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